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How To Stay Positive During JEE Preparation? Find Valuable Tips

By Shiwani PandeyJanuary 15, 2023
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Top Ways To Handle Stress & Stay Motivated For JEE Preparation

Are you preparing for the IIT JEE exam but finding it difficult to stay motivated or positive during your exam preparations? If yes, this blog can help you.

How to be more positive in JEE preparation?”

This is one of the most common questions JEE aspirants ask during their preparations which is quite obvious!! Seeing the immense competition, a limited number of seats and a vast syllabus, there are times when you start feeling low, and various negative thoughts come to your mind.

How To Stay Positive During JEE Preparation? Find Valuable Tips

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JEE Main and JEE advanced are considered the toughest entrance exams in India. Students who’ve dreamed of studying in prestigious engineering colleges of India like IITs and NITs, are required to qualify for these exams to secure a seat in their desired engineering college. Lakhs of students apply for the exam every year, but only a few get selected to study in any of the IITs.

No wonder students devote years of preparation and dedication to qualify for JEE exams, but sometimes, they get surrounded by exam anxiety, stress, fear, loss of sleep and frustration. This often leads to overlooking their preparations and poor performance in the exam. Here are a few tips & tricks to help you maintain a positive mindset during JEE preparations. Take a look:

How To Be More Positive in JEE Preparation?

Though cracking JEE exams is difficult, panicking or worrying about it will not help you at all. Students must complete their syllabus on time and, most importantly, stay strong and positive. But how? Read below:

1. Avoid Constant Study Hours 

We often see students preparing for JEE or any other competitive exam studying continuously for six to eight hours without resting in between. Though studying is required to clear the exam, taking short breaks is equally important. An exhausted mind prevents you from remembering information and makes you feel distressed & bored.

On the other hand, short breaks in-between not only relax your mind but also prepare you to grab things effectively. It can increase your productivity and allow your mind to focus well. You aren’t breaking any bylaws having fun between your study sessions like watching movies, walking in the park, playing video games or gossiping with friends. It is a successful way to master concepts and retain things for longer.

2. Imagine a Big Picture 

While preparing for the JEE exam, there comes the point when we start getting bored or frustrated or even thinking about quitting. The frustration comes from the vast syllabus and complexity of topics. But as a proven way how to be more positive, you should start thinking about the negative consequences of not studying at that moment. Ask yourself questions like, what will happen if I fail? Will I be studying in my dream college or immense career opportunities that you will miss etc? Remember, your decision determines your future. Repeat these things in your mind and fasten your journey.

3. Comparison Makes You Vulnerable

It is a human tendency to compare yourself with one another, but in student life, it has more harmful results. However, it is fine to compare when you see your classmates performing better. Still, you should know the extent to which it is good if you find yourself feeling distressed, frustrated, spending frequent sleepless nights or getting extremely cold feet by looking at others’ achievements. You shouldn’t act like you are lacking in something as it doesn’t help you except by increasing your stress level & fear of failure. Rather, adopt positive thinking, focus on your goals and prepare subjects you’re lacking in. It will increase your confidence.

4. Break Your Goals Into Small Chunks 

One of the most effective ways to be more positive in JEE preparation is to set small, i.e. short-term goals instead of big ones. In other words, while preparing for JEE, it is advised to complete the syllabus in small chunks, like a definite number of chapters in a week or questions to solve in a day etc. Avoid setting monthly goals, as you may start feeling off-track & distracted when it takes too much time at work.

5. Don’t Get Shy Asking for Help

Many students think asking for help is embarrassing or shows their weaknesses to others. But in the end, it helps you get your doubts clear & polishes your preparation level. Everyone needs help at some point in their exam preparations. So, if you need help understanding any question, don’t get afraid or hesitate to reach out to your teachers or friends and ask for their help. It will help you increase your confidence, one of the best tips for being positive.

6. Self-Affirmations Help

Success in the JEE or any other exam requires immense motivation & working towards your goals frequently. But sometimes, you feel demotivated when you get fed up with solving a problem. You start to feel like dropping the subject. Here, various self-positive affirmations can work like a charm. Remind yourself what got you into the JEE preparations in the first place. Realise your goals or think about what you’re aiming for. Repeat those goals every day in your mind. The best answer to your question is “how to be more positive in JEE preparation”.

7. Reward Yourself

Rewards aren’t meant to be given to others only by you; you can reward yourself whenever you reach your goals. Keep a daily goal where you must complete a particular topic or solve complex problems. Once you accomplish your goals, give yourself little treats like going to your favourite place, eating your favourite food etc. Rewarding yourself will boost your morale and encourage you to fulfil your daily goals.

Wrapping Up

Following these tips can help you stay motivated & positive during your JEE preparations and clear your IIT JEE exam with good marks. Apply these tips, and things get better, seriously!! Remember, a positive mindset is key to productive study hours, which is very important in JEE or any other competitive exam. Best of Luck!!

FAQs on How To Stay Positive During JEE Preparation? Find Valuable Tips

1. How can I stay positive during my JEE preparations?

Students should have a proper strategy towards the goal. Make a frequent study plan and follow it deliberately with effective time-management skills.

2. Is cracking JEE advanced tough?

JEE advanced is considered one of the most challenging engineering entrance exams in India. However, with effective study plans and proper time management, it is easier.

3. Is NCERT enough for JEE Main?

Though NCERT books cover all the important topics, it is advised to follow other books as well for the exam.

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