How Many Attempts are There in IIT Entrance Exam?

by Sagar Mankar, July 8, 2020

The All India Engineering entrance examination and the Joint entrance examination (AIEEE and JEE respectively) are the most highly competitive and the most prestigious engineering entrance examinations held in India. There is a lot of competition in this examination as there are only limited seats for a vastly high number of candidates.

This competition comprises three subjects that are Physics, chemistry as well as mathematics. The students have to answer the maximum number of questions to get a chance to study in the most prestigious IITs (Indian Institute of Technology) as well as other great institutes for studying technology. These examinations also have negative markings which means that there is a high chance that even though you answer all the questions, you might not get selected in the IIT.

Many questions arise in the minds of an IIT aspirant. One of these is how many attempts are there in IIT or Indian Institute of Technology.

In this article, we will tell you about how to attempt an IIT paper and how many times attempts are there in the IIT examination.

How to Attempt an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Entrance Exam?

There are several ways to deal with this situation. In this article we will tell you the best method to attempt an IIT entrance exam. These are the steps to attempt an IIT entrance examination:

  1. You Have to Read The Paper Carefully: Make sure you read the question paper of the Entrance Exam carefully. This is because once you know the difficulty level of the question paper, you can strategize your time according to the subjects.

  2. Attempt The Questions In The Order Of Difficulty: Make sure you know which problems can be solved in one or two steps and which questions will require a lot of your time. Attempt the easiest questions first, then move on to the moderate questions and finally attempt the toughest questions.

  3. Choose The Subject You Are Good At First: If you are good at physics, you should first attempt physics instead of mathematics or chemistry. This is because you will attempt the questions about your favourite subjects very quickly and thus save a lot of time.

  4. Make Sure You Attempt Theoretical Questions First: Theoretical questions are directly from the textbook. If you have studied the chapters thoroughly, then theoretical questions will be like a cakewalk for you.

  5. Make Strategies For Each Subject: When you attempt a particular subject section, make sure you have your strategies ready. These can be learned from your tutor or from Google. For example, when you are attempting any mathematics question, you need to know which chapter it belongs to, or what formula has to be applied to the given conditions and situations. In Physics too, you deal with quantum mechanics or Newtonian physics. Make sure you know all the formulas and equations. Revise and memorize all of them before entering the examination hall.

  6. Do Your Rough Work In The Rough Column: Students often do calculations and equations right in the middle of the question paper. Along with this, they get confused as their rough work gets mixed up with the questions. Rough workspaces are provided in the question paper. They are usually at the bottom of every sheet and the last two pages of the question paper booklet. Make sure that you do your rough work and calculations in the rough columns so that you don’t get confused along with other questions.

  7. Manage Your Time: Make sure that you are able to split up your time and manage it according to your subjects. Make sure you attempt the theoretical section first and finish it off within half an hour. Then you should move on to the easier questions, then little moderate questions and finally the toughest ones. Make sure you keep 1 hour for mathematics, 1 hour for physics, and half an hour for chemistry. Make sure you have a few minutes left to check and fill the bubbles in the MCQ sheet.

  8. Keep Some Time To Fill The MCQ Sheet: You should have a minimum of fifteen minutes to fill the bubbles of the MCQ sheet with the correct options. This will be the case when you attempt all the questions first and fill the bubbles of the MCQ sheet at the end. But you can also try to fill the bubbles of the MCQ sheet simultaneously as and when you attempt a question.

  9. Leave Some Questions Un-Attempted: Naturally, no student will know all the answers of this IIT question paper. There will be some questions whose direct answers could not be calculated. Many times you will be in such a situation that you would not be sure of the correct answers to a question. In such a case, it is best to leave those questions un-attempted. This is also the better choice because if any of your answers are correct, you get 4 marks, but if any of your answers get wrong, then you will lose 1 mark. Due to this negative marking scheme, ranks and scores shift in hundreds, and thus it is advised not to attempt the questions whose answers we are unsure of.

How Many Attempts Are There In IIT Entrance Exam?

Coming back to our main question, many people are unsure about the attempts to crack an IIT Entrance exam or an Indian Institute of Technology Entrance exam. Well, before 2019, the IIT entrance exam was conducted once a year. Students could give only three attempts to this entrance examination.

However, after the development of the National Testing Agency or the NTA, the examination committee decided to conduct the IIT or the Indian Institute of Technology entrance examination twice a year. One exam will be conducted in July or August, and the second examination will be conducted in March or April in the following year. It has to be noted that only the IIT JEE Main exam is being conducted twice a year and not the IIT JEE Advanced entrance examination. Thus you can attempt the IIT JEE Mains examination 2 times in a year for three years that is a total of 6 attempts that can be given to crack the IIT JEE Mains examination.

Once you get through the IIT JEE mains examination, you have to give the IIT JEE Advanced exam. Note that this is held only once a year. Only after cracking the IIT JEE Advanced examination, you can secure a seat in the Indian Institute of Technology.


Thus, you can attempt the IIT JEE mains examination 6 times and the IIT JEE Advanced examination 3 times. It is completely okay if you don’t get through the IIT JEE advanced examination as there are other prestigious colleges like DTU, IIIT, BITS, etc., where you can pursue your dream to study engineering.

Thus we gave you information on how many attempts are there in IIT. We are sure that you received adequate information. We wish you all the best for your exams!

How Many Attempts are There in IIT Entrance Exam?