Forget Schools, Coronavirus Breakout may Reduce Your Chances of Clearing JEE Mains 2020

by Gowthamy Alagiri, March 27, 2020

To the horror of scores of Indians, the number of individuals afflicted with the coronavirus disease is nearing the 500-mark. On top of that, the concern of Indians is further aggravated by the global statistics of people suffering from the coronavirus infection. As many as 382,972 positive cases of Covid-19 across 196 countries have caused a worldwide alarm with several associated consequences. 

Therefore, as a preventive measure, the Government of India (GOI) and other state governments have imposed total lockdown actionable until 31st March and is subject to extension. As a result, schools, colleges, and other locations of mass gatherings have been shut down across 85 districts in India. 

Also, Section 144 of the IPC has been declared in several states; thus, consolidating the lockdown by legally preventing individuals from gathering in large numbers outside. This preventive measure for quarantine has affected Indians from all walks of life. 

However, this Covid-19 turmoil has affected students by a considerable degree. With schools, colleges, coaching centres, and private tutoring shut down for the moment, a vast number of students are suffering. Consequently, individuals are broadly concerned regarding their JEE preparations. It is because this global pandemic has adversely affected the IIT JEE preparation process for students all over India.

How has the coronavirus disease affected JEE aspirants? 

The most recent coronavirus update on academia concerning JEE comes as a shock to its aspirants. The National Testing Agency (NTA), under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, had announced the postponement of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). As per the previous schedule, the entrance exam for prestigious engineering colleges was supposed to be held between the 5th April and 11th April 2020. 

The conducting authorities are likely to declare fresh dates for JEE on 31st March this year. As a result, there is a widespread confusion within the student community regarding the examination as well as the coronavirus disease. 

First of all, the impacts of this pandemic have stretched to all fields. With government authorities consistently discouraging Indians to interact socially, students have found themselves in a difficult situation. In addition, students are also unable to attend regular classes at schools and colleges, thus severely affecting their academic standing and preparation. 

Moreover, JEE aspirants are facing a lot of difficulties regarding their preparation for this highly competitive examination. Due to the unavailability of coaching classes and private tuitions since earlier this month, they have found themselves in quite a rut. Additionally, this significantly reduces the chances of a student clearing JEE Mains 2020. As a result, they may have to wait for another year to crack this competitive examination.

Also, JEE requires an exceptional level of preparation from students who want to get into respectable engineering colleges. Without sufficient and expert advice on preparation procedures, students find it tough to cope with the vast syllabus of JEE. Therefore, JEE students are suffering the most in this dark hour of India-wide coronavirus infection. 

What other options do JEE aspirants have during Covid-19? 

As 32 states and UTs in India are under lockdown and its residents have to follow the quarantine measure imposed by the governments. Therefore, JEE aspirants have found themselves isolated in their own homes. As a consequence, they have limited access to efficient JEE study materials and guidance during the quarantine period. 

However, students can follow a few steps for JEE preparation for the time being. Therefore, individuals preparing for JEE should keep the following things in mind until the scare involving the coronavirus disease ends – 

  • Build a study plan

Students aspiring to crack JEE should formulate an effective routine to follow at home. Since a student will have to spend a considerable amount of time at home, a proper routine is helpful in this situation. Therefore, planning out a revision plan as per subjects would be a good place to start. In addition, devise the preparation strategy by dividing it into time slots for different subjects. In this way, a student will have a clear vision of the preparation schedule. 

  • Follow the syllabus

Students are likely to benefit from following the scope of the JEE syllabus. As the syllabus for this entrance examination is vast, a student has to invest a lot of time to understand it. Therefore, aspirants should make sure to stick to the particular syllabus. Additionally, students should also avoid touching new topics without proper assistance from professional experts. Through this, a student faces a reduced possibility of confusion regarding difficult topics,   as self-study is not always a solution. 

  • Clarify fundamental topics 

First of all, an array of topics and vast syllabi can burden a JEE aspirant. Therefore, there is an increased possibility of getting confused between the fundamentals of different topics. As a result, the students may have difficulty in remembering the primary contents of a particular topic. Thus, students should first clear out their basic understanding of a subject or a topic. Consequently, students will have an increased chance of clearing JEE main 2020 amid the coronavirus infection outbreak. 

  • Practice sample papers extensively

Students have the option to access JEE sample papers online. Therefore, they can gather an idea about questions from previous entrance examinations. Additionally, this will also help them predict the questions to appear in JEE Mains 2020. Also, students can benefit broadly from model question papers while staying at home. By solving these papers, students can estimate the time required to finish a model paper. Therefore, this will help students to manage their speed and time accordingly to finish JEE within the stipulated time. 

  • Avail online classes

Online classes have emerged as an attractive solution for students quarantined at home. Additionally, this is the safest mode of interaction between a JEE aspirant and a professional tutor, i.e., on the internet. On top of that, online classes are provided by experienced teachers and academicians on several subjects and topics. Therefore, students can directly consult these tutors via live online lessons to clear their doubts and queries before JEE. 

Additionally, we at Vedantu provide quality live interactive sessions designed by experts in this area. Therefore, students who are worried about their JEE preparation can upgrade to the most suitable tutoring option with us. 

Why do students and parents choose Vedantu? 

Students and parents are justly concerned about the upcoming JEE Mains 2020 due to the confusion surrounding it. On the other hand, the quarantine period because of coronavirus disease has significantly reduced the morale and enthusiasm of JEE aspirants. As a result, scores of students are struggling with their JEE courses due to the lack of coaching classes and private tutors. 

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Therefore, our students can ensure their success with our JEE preparation module. Since the times are tough amid the concerns over the coronavirus disease and lack of coronavirus vaccine, students are advised to stay at home. On top of that, they can improve their chances of clearing JEE Mains 2020 with our free live sessions. Students can also download the NCERT Books, NCERT Solutions and important study materials for JEE preparation.

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Forget Schools, Coronavirus Breakout may Reduce Your Chances of Clearing JEE Mains 2020