JEE Main Preparation Strategy and Self-Study Tips

by Gowthamy Alagiri, July 14, 2020

Clearing JEE Mains needs loads of commitment from the students’ who are planning to appear for it. Exams over the corner, they'll need a well-dependent plan for revision. Students can be in a catch 22 situation on how to make the nice use of the remaining time left and clear the JEE Main 2020 examination with a brilliant attempt. The remaining couple of months before the examination is very crucial for the learning of JEE Main. Learners need to be positive and confident with the technique that they're following in their learning process.

Emendation of Important Sections

You’ll have to revise the chapters that are important from the exam point of view and they have to be mastered. This is to make certain that you do not lose out marks from chapters which might be probably asked in the primary exam. If you are in a position to answer the questions of any model and difficulty level from those chapters, you will genuinely fetch top marks in the examination. In order to do that, you need to have in-depth expertise of each and every single topic and topics from the JEE Main Important Chapters. As and while you prepare for the board assessments, you’ll focus more on those chapters.

Emendation of Your Weak Branches

Always you should hold in mind that initially, you require to focus high on your vulnerable chapters and topics and improve on them. Make sure that you’re no longer trying the questions which your not sure of, with this you could minimize your negative marks in the exam. By now, you have to be knowing your vulnerable areas. So, research and keep revising them often and clear up practice questions as you study for the boards. After the board tests get over, you’ll have to pay attention to JEE Main mock tests and gauge your paper to find the following points that are noted below:

  1. Concepts and subjects to procure them incorrectly.

  2. Concepts and topics you couldn’t solve or attempt.

  3. Concepts and subjects you have been confident but took more time to solve.

Once you're making a listing of a lot of these chapters, the subsequent step is to study them and revise the associated ideas and solve practice questions.

Emendation of The Entire Syllabus

You have to continually revise the complete syllabus earlier than the exam. Do not focus handiest on crucial chapters, and chapters you are vulnerable in. Having the basic conceptual expertise of the whole syllabus is an ought to if you want to clean JEE Main examination with a good rating that guarantees a seat in one of the NITs, IIITs, or other top engineering colleges.

Emendation Approach For Physics

  1. Have a look at each unmarried topic and concept as fast as feasible from your revision notes to apprehend them well. In case, if you’re now not sure of a selected idea or topic, talk to your textbooks.

  2. Make certain you're capable of visualize the diverse mechanisms, processes, etc.

  3. Only through practising, you could recollect the formulas, equations, etc. You ought to also practice their derivations as well.

  4. You must undergo the steps to clear up issues.

  5. First, begin solving the questions which you assume are hard.

Emendation Approach For Chemistry

  1. Your primary focus needs to be on learning all the concepts of Organic, Inorganic, and Physical Chemistry.

  2. Learn, practice and remember the formulas, equations and reaction mechanisms. Spend substantial time on Organic Chemistry as this involves many reactions.

  3. Solve hard questions first.

Emendation Approach For Mathematics

  1. Learn and don't forget the formulas on by hearting them and not by mug up.

  2. Remember the process to solve issues and solve them in a step by step manner.

  3. You need to solve diverse questions from every single topic, specifically the hard ones.


Vedantu helps students to build-up a defend to their brains which make them work quicker than normal to acquire their goals. Students essentially get stuck in the middle while solving questions, at this moment, they have to observe the solved solutions as a way to make them recognize the idea and clear up the problem. In this way, they don’t feel demotivated. Do not surrender at this part, they ought to apprehend in which the hassle is and then concentrate on rectifying it and then move forward.

JEE Main Preparation Strategy and Self-Study Tips