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Lovely tutor who is very organised, makes sure you understand and goes at your own pace. He helped me a lot to crack the problems in mathematics
She is very experienced and knowledgeable. She keeps her lesson effective, engaging and fun. My son was able to stay focused and overcame his fear of exams.
He is very patient and postitive.He is able to gently correct mistakes so my son does not get frustrated or discouraged. He even says he makes the lessons fun
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Alakpuri Akota Gotri Vasna Bhayli

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Also known as Baroda, Vadodara is one of the major cities of India’s western coast and an important economic, cultural and educational hub of Gujarat. The erstwhile royal bastion of the Gaekwads today features a bustling Indian urban setting and is home to many aspiring students, beacons of its future growth. With a growth in the number of students, there is an increasing demand for private tuitions. Those looking for a home tutor in Vadodara are choosing online platforms like Vedantu for many reasons.

  1. Vedantu offers one-on-one study sessions which are customised according to the student’s specific needs
  2. Students have 24/7 access to the online lessons, making revision convenient
  3. The engaging live lessons keep students immersed and there is no extra time spent in transit
  4. Vedantu’s study programs allow participants to learn at their own pace
  5. The online lessons cost much less than regular home tuition fees in Vadodara while making no compromises on quality
  6. We have a team of highly-qualified teachers who are alumni of the country’s top institutions
  7. Lessons can be accessible from multiple devices and locations, making them easier to accommodate in busy schedules

Solo tuitions have many advantages over group classes. Students are prone to fewer distractions, and the unique bond they develop with tutors allows for more space to explore the different subjects and ask more questions. In a group class, a tutor cannot give total attention to a student, and weak participants tend to lose out because of the group’s pace of learning.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Vadodara by Expert Teachers

Vadodara is home to a large number of students studying courses by various examination boards. Some of the major ones are ICSE, CBSE and the state board. Top schools of the city include American School of Baroda, Delhi Public School and Green Valley High School. Many parents realise that quality home teaching is a must to supplement the school tuitions. In many cases, it is the only way for the student to stay competitive as he or she graduates to higher classes. Vedantu’s online tuitions in Vadodara are becoming increasingly popular as they use a cutting-edge and easy-to-use platform to deliver engaging one-on-one customised learning experiences.

Looking for private tutors comes with many challenges. High fees are one of them and most of the top local tutors are not available at convenient times for students. Vedantu’s online programs offer students access to the best tutors by cutting out obstacles like distance, logistics and high costs. With Vedantu’s online platform, students can enjoy the unfettered and personalised attention of a quality tutor for maths & science, the core subjects of school level education.

Why Vedantu?

Our mission is to use technology and make high-quality home tuition in Vadodara accessible to a larger set of students, without any compromise on quality. Excellent home tuitions are those which ensure holistic development for the student. Vedantu’s study plans are focused on helping students attain higher marks and also develop confidence and problem-solving skills. Nurturing a fondness for the subjects is an important part of Vedantu’s online tuitions. The customised learning plan is one of the hallmarks of Vedantu. Students are evaluated, and their strengths and weaknesses are taken into account. They also get to learn at their own pace ensuring no grey areas in overall understanding. Close to 50,000 students are already benefiting from Vedantu, and the number is growing.

Vedantu boasts not just a state-of-the-art learning platform, but it also features teachers and tutors who have graduated from some of the country’s top academic institutions including the IIMs and IITs. With PhD and MTech holders teaching the toughest subjects, students get an immersive learning experience and will stay ahead of the curve. Apart from providing a home tutor for primary and secondary school, Vedantu’s online lessons include coaching for science and math Olympiads and various competitive exams.