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Hanumanth Tokala
Hanumanth Tokala
MSc. B.Ed ,Sri Chatrapathi Shivaji College
Hindupur Jyothi
Hindupur Jyothi
M.Sc, B.Ed , Andhra University
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Harish Sir tries to understand the painpoint of his students, and does multiple rounds of revision. My son feels much more confident to write the exams.
Vedantu is a blessing for working parents! Neelesh Sir is fantastic, and I can see a progressive difference in my child's performance at school. Excellent teacher!
I have learnt alot from Atul Sir and learnt alot from the cheetah and the gazelle. He is really humorous, and asks lots of interesting questions in the session
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Educational backdrop of Noida

Numerous schools have been founded in and around Noida since 1976. They follow different boards such as the Uttar Pradesh State Board, ICSE and CBSE. There are many schools in Noida that are prestigious and have international standards of excellence. Some of them are:

  • Billabong High School, Sector 34, Noida: This state of the art school has remarkable facilities that take care of the student's holistic growth. It lays emphasis on extracurricular activities such as indoor games, performing arts studio and a multimedia lab.
  • Pathways School, Sector 100, Noida: The first IB board school in Uttar Pradesh, Pathways incorporates the 'multiple intelligence' approach. It has won laurels for its leadership role in many avenues. Recently, it ranked #2 in North India in a survey of schools conducted by Education World.

Why Vedantu?

While schools take care of many aspects of a students life, a home tutor in Noida can add greater depth to the knowledge of a child in various subjects. For example, a tutor for maths & science can give students the competitive edge in class on topics that can initially seem daunting and difficult. Unfortunately, looking for private tutors can be a nightmare. Local tutors are seldom the best tutors as a vetting process does not exist. Home tuition fees in Noida is not light on the pocket either. Those who want an online home tutor in Noida can avail the best tutors with the Vedantu platform. The fees are comparable to Home tuition fees in Noida that is charged by Local tutors. Looking for private tutors on Vedantu is much simpler as a home tutor for primary and secondary school can be found just by looking at the tutor profile section, and our platform offers a wide array of portfolios to choose from.

Vedantu offers excellent home tuitions for various competitive exams and Olympiads that take place in the country. There is a seamless integration of entrance exam coaching along with the regular school syllabus. This sets Vedantu apart from other tuitions in Noida that only focus on one or the other but not both. Vedantu also differs from other tuitions in Noida as it lays emphasis on the parents as well. As stakeholders, parents are entitled to be in the loop on how their child is performing in class. Recordings of sessions are available on the platform so that they can see the teaching method implemented by our tutors. This gives parents a sense of satisfaction and they can rest at ease as their children flourish academically in front of their eyes. Additionally, parents are also given the opportunity to for a Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) with the tutor via video conferencing so that they can get a verbal update on the performance of their child at any time during the course. A minimum of three PTM's per subject per quarter is given so that there is adequate follow up on any feedback received. This level of focus not just for the students, but also the parents is absent in most tuition centers.