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He is a very good listener and understands where your misunderstandings are and where your difficulty with the problem lies. He is very good at explaining the steps or the rationale for the solution of the problem. He is very good and a pro at this. If you need help with Math he is your go-to tutor
He explains issues very efficiently and clearly. He built up to complex math concepts by starting systematically with simpler ones. Thank you so much for that wonderfull classes provided
He is an excellent Math tutor! My son is so happy to be studying from him and in two sessions he has accelerated my son's interest in the subject and increased his confidence
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Goa is home to a large and growing student population. School students in Goa have to deal with increased scrutiny as competition increases, and keeping up with the lessons in a school environment can get tough. More and more parents and students are looking for private tuitions to improve marks in core subjects like science and maths. Finding local tutors has become much easier with technological breakthroughs. Vedantu’s online tuitions bring the best tutor home for an affordable fee. Here are some highlights.

  1. The online live lessons by Vedantu are customised to suit the student’s specific requirements
  2. Vedantu’s faculty includes highly qualified tutors from world-famous institutions
  3. Vedantu’s home lessons take out time spent on transit, so they are a secure and convenient option for students
  4. The online tuitions can be accessed from multiple devices and locations, making them easy to schedule
  5. Vedantu’s in-depth tuitions cost much lesser than regular home tuition fees in Goa
  6. The lessons and recordings can be accessed 24/7, for easier revision

There are many reasons why Vedantu’s tutors who give personalised teaching are a better option than group coaching by local tutors. Students are prone to distractions when in group classes and the pace of study is designed for the larger group – meaning that some students get left behind. In a home tuition setting, students get to communicate doubts freely, they get to study in their comfortable environment, and they learn at their own pace. 

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Goa by Expert Teachers

Most schools in Goa fall under the ICSE and CBSE boards, with many others following the state and international curriculums. Some of the top schools include Don Bosco, Manovikas English Medium and Navy Children School. The schooling sector in Goa is very competitive, and with a larger number of students enrolling year after year, even the top institutions can find their resources a little stretched. Students and parents are looking for private tutors to fill in the gaps left by school tuition and help them keep up with ever-expanding syllabus.

Finding a home tutor in Goa can be challenging. Availability is the biggest issue, and good tutors are always in high demand and very expensive. Vedantu’s home tuition in Goa programs offer all the perks of a home tutor in an accessible online platform which retains a live one-on-one environment while weeding out obstacles like logistics and tight scheduling. Lower fees also give Vedantu an advantage and make it accessible to more students.

Why Vedantu?

Vedantu’s hallmark feature is its customised study plans designed for the specific requirement of the student. Students are evaluated before the tuitions begin, so their areas of strengths and weaknesses are identified. The online platform is easy to use and promotes interactivity between student and teacher. Courses are designed to be engaging so that students do not feel burdened or pressurised. The main focus during the Vedantu home teaching sessions is to get students clear on fundamentals and applications of the different topics, which will result in better grades. Areas of focus include the development of problem-solving skills and encouraging the student’s affinity towards the subject.

Vedantu boasts the best tutors who are armed with high qualifications including PhDs and MTech degrees. Many tutors from institutions like the IITs and IIMs will provide the perfect foil for aspiring students with their expansive knowledge. Finding a home tutor for primary and secondary school can now be done conveniently with Vedantu’s online model. Close to 50,000 students are already benefiting from these excellent home tuitions.

The Vedantu tutor for maths & science can also provide coaching for entrance and competitive exams like the IIT-JEE. Students competing in science and mathematics olympiads can also enrol for special study plans. Tuitions in Goa have just got better and simpler – thanks to a combination of modern technology and timeless education principles.