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TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

Last updated date: 28th May 2024
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Class 12 Economics TNHSC Question Paper 2018 - PDF Download

Economics is a branch of social science that covers the involvement of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It is generally divided into microeconomics, which focuses on the behavior of the whole economy, and microeconomics, which concentrates on businesses of individual people. TNHSC class 12 economics question paper 2018 offered by Vedantu is the best way to prepare for the examination. To score good results in class 12th economics, you need to check out the previous year's question papers of economics.

Structure of TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

TNHSC class 12 economics question paper 2018 comes with 8 pages of questions carrying maximum marks of 200 and 3 hours total time allowed to solve the answers. Before solving the answers, make sure to read the following instructions written in the question paper.

  • Firstly, you must check if all the questions in the question paper are printed correctly or not. If you find any problem with the question paper, immediately contact the examination supervisor to answer another question paper.

  • Secondly, you must write in a blue or black ok ballpoint pen and use a pencil to draw diagrams wherever necessary.

The class 12 economics question paper 2018 consists of a total number of 81 questions that are divided into four parts i.e., Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.

TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018 - Section-wise Division


Questions Description

No. of Questions

Marks Allotted to Each Part

Part A

  • Objective type questions (Write a suitable answer from the four alternatives and write the option code)

  • Fill in the blanks

  • Match the following

  • Answer each of the questions in one or two words

This part contains four sub-parts where all questions are compulsory. The sub-parts include:

  • I = 14 questions

  • II = 12 questions

  • III = 12 questions

  • IV = 12 questions

  • I = 14 × 1 = 14 marks

  • II = 12 × 1 = 12 marks

  • III = 12 × 1 = 12 marks

  • IV = 12 × 1 = 12 marks

Part B

Answer any 10 questions that must not exceed four lines.

You will find 15 questions but you only need to answer 10 questions, each carrying 3 marks

10 × 3 = 30 marks

Part C

Answer any 6 questions, each answer must be written for a page

You will get any questions in this part but you only need to answer 6 questions each carrying 10 marks

6 × 10 = 60 marks

Part D

Answer any three questions, each should be about 3 pages

You will find 6 questions in this part, but you only need to answer 3 questions each carrying 20 marks.

3 × 20 = 60 marks

Download TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

At Vedantu, you can find the TNHSC class 12 economics question paper 2018 in PDF format with its solved answers compiled by experienced teachers. This will help you test your understanding of theories, concepts, and formulas before appearing for the board examination.

It is recommended to attempt the sample question paper at least three to five times with proper time management to acquire an overall idea about the question pattern and how you can manage to attend all the questions within time to score good marks. Solving the previous year's question paper is an effective way to come across various questions in the final exam. The free PDF solutions can be downloaded on your smartphones or laptops so that you can print a copy for your convenience.

Benefits of Solving TNHSC Class 12th Economics Question Paper 2018

Solving the TNHSC class 12 economics question paper 2018 will let you find your mistakes and evaluate your performance. Practicing the question papers will allow you to attempt all long and short questions within the allotted time in the final exams very easily. The benefits of solving the economics question paper 2018 are as follows:

  • Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing the question paper will let you revise the subject before the main examination. You will get to know where you lack and simultaneously mend the knowledge gap.

  • Solving previous year's question papers help you to manage time effectively.

  • You will become confident to attend the main exam question if you have practiced the previous year's question papers.

  • Solving sample question papers regularly will help you to analyze your weakness and strength in the subject.


The economics study helps students make their careers that require analytical, numerical, and problem-solving skills in research, planning a business, marketing, and management. With TNHSC class 12 economics question paper 2018, you get in-depth understanding of the subject and know your strengths and weaknesses to accordingly prepare further. As class 11th and 12th are the foundation period for a student, it is essential to clear all the concepts and problems related to economics to help them ace the subject and real-time situations in the future.

FAQs on TNHSC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2018

Q1. What are the Choice-Making Procedures in the Economics Question Paper of Class 12?

Ans. The TNHSC class 12th economics question paper 2018 consists of four parts: Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D, and attempting all the parts is compulsory. Part A consists of objective questions where all the questions are mandatory. However, you can make internal choices in parts B, part C, and Part D.

Q2. How to Download the Previous Year's Question Paper of TNHSC Economics Class 12th 2018?

Ans. The previous year's question of TNHSC class 12th economics 2018 with the answer solutions is available on the Vedantu website. You can download and solve it in both offline and online mode, whichever you feel comfortable with. You need to keep in mind to solve more and more question papers for practice and self-assessment as many practice sets are available online.

Q3. Give Some Tips Before Going to Attend the Economics Exam?

Ans. Providing you some tips to follow before attending the economics exam.

  • You are advised not to study at the last moment before appearing for the exam.

  • Avoid studying new reference books before the main examination. The economics book provided by the TNHSC board is sufficient.

  • Don't remain at a hurdle while answering the questions. Read all the questions carefully, find out the known questions, and then attempt the paper. Don't try to attempt unknown or difficult questions as you may fail to answer those.