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Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 Natural Resources - PDF

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Lakhmir Singh For Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 Natural Resources - Download Free PDF with Solution

Our earth is very caring and nurturing. This is why life exists on this planet only in the Solar System. It means this planet has the resources that sustain life. Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 will explain what natural resources organisms need to survive.

To understand the different concepts and scientific principles of natural resources, refer to the Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 solutions. These Lakhmir Singh solutions and notes are designed by the experts following the latest syllabus of Class 9 ICSE standards. It will help you find the right answers and revise the chapter in no time.

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Importance of Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 Natural Resources

If we compare all the other planets with earth, we will find out why life exists on this planet. We will find out that our plant is very caring as it offers the perfect combination of gases to breathe, protects us from harmful sun rays, and also offers a plethora of natural resources to use and sustain.

Thus, the solutions will explain what lithosphere and atmosphere are and what they offer for survival. The chapter will also describe what a hydrosphere is and what different water sources we have. The part of the earth that comprises living organisms is called the biosphere.

On progressing further, this chapter will explain what air and its components are. It will describe how clouds form and distribute water throughout the land. Students will also learn the different uses of water. If you refer to the Biology notes for Class 9 Chapter 6, you will understand the concepts easily. This chapter will explain the different types of soil and their features.

This chapter is important in the ICSE Class 9 Biology syllabus as it explains different types of pollution and their ill effects on the environment. Hence, studying this chapter will not only add knowledge but will also help students score more in the exams.

Benefits of Lakhmir Singh Natural Resources Class 9 exercise solutions

  • These solutions have been framed following the latest syllabus of Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Biology Chapter 6. It will help you to understand the meaning of the questions included in the exercises and write the relevant answer accurately.

  • The chapter is explained precisely in the notes. You will be able to revise and write answers to fundamental questions such as what are Natural Resources Class 9 Chapter 6. Framing answers will not be a problem when you follow the solutions.

  • You can now easily resolve doubts on your own by using the solutions and notes for this chapter.

  • Find out your preparation level by practising the Natural Resources Class 9 questions and answers and check where you need to study more in this chapter.

Download Lakhmir Singh Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 Natural Resources Solutions PDF

You can now download the free PDF version of the notes and Natural Resources Class 9 Exercise Solutions. Store the file on your computer and access it according to your study schedule. Follow the answering formats in these solutions and learn how to accurately answer the fundamental questions to score more in the exams.

FAQs on Lakhmir Singh Solutions for Class 9 Biology Chapter 6 Natural Resources - PDF

1. What is air?

The natural mixture of gases present in the atmosphere is called the air. It contains nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour and carbon dioxide.

2. What is the water cycle?

The cycle where water evaporates from different sources forms clouds, precipitates and goes back to the same sources is called the water cycle.

3. Why the temperature on earth is fairly steady?

Due to the blanketing of the atmosphere, heat is entrapped, thus, causing a fair steady temperature on the earth’s surface.

4. What is air pollution?

The presence of contaminants and harmful gases in the air is called air pollution. It can be manmade or natural.

5. What is acid rain?

The higher concentration of acidic oxides released from industries causes acid rain. The pH level of the rainwater falls in the acidic range.