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Class 9 IT Syllabus: Get Unit-wise Information for Study Plans

Last updated date: 24th May 2024
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Unit-wise Class 9 CBSE Information Technology Syllabus

The world is becoming dependent upon information technology and computer screen daily. Class 9 IT is very important in this matter. The Class 9 IT Syllabus is based upon the very basics of the subject.

Before you start studying or taking preparations, you should get a clear idea of the whole syllabus of the subject. Knowing all about the coursework will guide you throughout the course on how to manage the time on completing the syllabus, revising it within time, or in some cases, how to go further with the subject. The CBSE IT Syllabus for Class 9 is all about knowing how computer software works, how data are being transferred through mediums like computers and smartphones, and how technology is becoming a daily life-changer.

Here’s all you need to know about the subject's syllabus, assignments, projects, and time duration.

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Class 9 CBSE IT Section-wise Syllabus

There are 4 sections of the syllabus.

Section A (Employability Skills)

There are 5 units in this part.

  • Unit 1- Communication Skills-1

  • Unit 2- Self-Management Skills-1

  • Unit 3- ICT Skills-1

  • Unit 4-Entrepreneurial Skills-1

  • Unit 5-Green Skills-1

Section B (Subject-Specific Skills)

  • Unit 1- Introducing IT-ITes Industry 

  • Unit 2- Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills

  • Unit 3- Digital Documentation

  • Unit 4-Electronic Spreadsheet

  • Unit 5- Digital Presentation

Section C - Practical Coursework 

This part consists of practical coursework. This has three steps under it being one Practical examination, Written Test, and a Viva Voce.

Section D - Project Work

In this section, you have to do project work through a field visit. The final submission of the project file and a viva voce is the main parts of this section.

Marking Scheme of Information Technology in Class 9 CBSE

The subject is of 100 marks, where the theory part is 50 and the practical or the project part is 50.

Time Duration and Contents of Different Parts of the Subject 

The total duration of the subject, according to different segments of the syllabus, is 200 hours.

Part A (10 Marks) 




Communication Skills -1

Methods of Communication, identification of different elements of the communication cycle, factors affecting the perspective of communication, about basic writing skills.

10 hours 

Self-management Skills-1

About the meaning and importance of self-management, identifying the factors building self-confidence

10 hours

Information and Communication Technology Skills 

Role of ICT in daily life, Basic knowledge about Computer systems, Hardware and Software, 

10 hours

Entrepreneurial Skills 

Basic Ideas on Entrepreneurship, ideas on various types of business activities.

15 hours

Green Skills

Factors affecting the environment, the importance of green economy and green skills.

5 hours

Part B (40 Marks) 




IT and ITes Industry

BPO and BPM Industry, Applications of It in our daily life like workplace, Library, Schools, etc.

4 hours

Data Entry and Keyboarding Skills

Numeric Keypad, Uses of Keyboard, Typing, Positioning fingers on Keyboard, working with lesson editor, Technique of touch typing, etc.

10 hours

Digital Documentation

Word Processing applications, LibreOffice writer, jumping page numbers, defining borders and grammar checks, Using Synonyms Uses of a table, Inserting or deleting rows and columns, etc.

26 hours

Electronic Spreadsheet

Introducing Spreadsheet application, Different types of data handling, Mathematical Calculation, Uses of Dialog boxes, Formatting, etc.

35 hours

Digital Presentation

Concepts and elements of presentation, Inserting or deleting a slide, the slide masters, Outline, Notes, Creating a presentation, Uses of templates, etc.

31 hours

Part C (35 Marks)

Practical Examination

15 Marks

Written Test

10 Marks


10 marks

Part D (15 Marks) 

Practical file or Student Portfolio

10 Marks


5 Marks

The above table briefly discusses the CBSE syllabus for class 9 information technology. However, the contents included here are just a few. There are several online articles available with detailed descriptions on the syllabus.

Get Hold of the CBSE Class 9 IT Syllabus to Score More

Apart from other traditional subjects available since the beginning of our education system, this new era of modern technology and its aspects in our daily life demands several soft skills to succeed. Do some research before the syllabus for Class 9 Information Technology to get an idea of what the subject offers.

The learning outcomes of this particular subject from Class 9 will become very much prominent in your further education.

FAQs on Class 9 IT Syllabus: Get Unit-wise Information for Study Plans

1. What is IT as a subject in Class 9?

The basic idea of how to send and receive documents, videos, audio files, etc, through telecommunication is taught in IT.

2. How many parts are there in the IT class 9 syllabus of CBSE?

There are 4 parts to the subject’s coursework. Among them, two are based on employability skills and subject-specific skills. On the other hand, another 2 parts are practical experiments on the subject.

3. What is the main reference book for IT in class 9 CBSE?

You can follow the All-in-One Information Technology book CBSE class 9 for the theory part.

4. Do I need to put extra attention to information technology in class 9?

Yes. All the subjects you’re studying will give you your final grade sheet. So, the marks you get in each subject are important. Apart from that, as further education and work-life needs are becoming challenging daily, getting a stronghold of IT from the beginning of Class 9 will be very helpful.