When is the world wildlife week observed?
A. The first week of September
B. Last week of September
C. The third week of October
D. Last week of October
E. The first week of October

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Hint: World wildlife week is observed from 2nd-8th October every year. Thus, the correct answer is the first week of October.

Complete answer: The world wildlife week is observed in the first week of October. The sole purpose is to promote the protection of wildlife, this is done to make people aware of the importance of wildlife, encouraging them to preserve wildlife.
During the course of this week, several events and campaigns are organized.
It was first celebrated in 1972.
It’s organized by the National Board of Wildlife, bird watching, symposiums, conferences, workshops, lectures, education training are some types of programs organized during this week.

So the correct answer is the option is the first week of October.

Note: Various living organisms have entered the endangered, critically endangered category and some have already gone extinct. To prevent such loss of wildlife the government organizes such events to help promote awareness among the people.