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Transport of cytokinin in the plant body is
A) Basipetal
B) Lateral
C) Acropetal
D) On all sides

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Hint: Cytokinin plays a major role in cell growth and differentiation processes but also significantly affects the apical dominance, the growth process of axillary bud, and senescence.

Complete Answer:
Cytokinin is a category of the plant growth hormone which is biosynthesized by their root system.

Option a: Auxins are transported via basipetal mode of transport. Basipetal mode of transport means the transport of substances is done downwards in the direction of point of attachment or the base. Therefore, this is the incorrect option.

Option b: In short plants, water and solutes are transported laterally, but cytokinin isn't. Therefore, this is the incorrect option.

Option c: Cytokinin is involved in various cellular processes including the processes of cellular division and morphogenesis of the root and shoot system, thus they have to translocate themselves from their place of biosynthesis to where they are most required. Therefore, they show acropetal mode of transportation. This dislocation of the cytokinin from the root system eventually indicates the initiation of lateral bud growth.

Cytokinin have also exhibited their benefits by slowing the ageing process of plants. This occurs due to prevention of the protein breakdown process that takes place with the cytokinin production. Furthermore, the processes such as nutrient assembly and protein biosynthesis activation are also responsible for reducing the plant age. Therefore, this is the correct option.

Option d: Cytokinins are not transported on all sides, therefore, this is the incorrect option.

Thus, the correct option is c) Acropetal.

Note: Cytokinin is a category of plant growth substance which are involved in promoting the process of cytokinesis or cell division in the root and shoot system of plants. Recently, they have also been found significant in controlling the processes of plant pathogenesis.
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