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The theory of Pangenesis was given by _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
A. Weismann
B. De Vries
C. Darwin
D. Lamarck

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Hint: Darwin proposed the principle of pangenesis. Throughout Darwin's view, his theory of natural selection, outlined throughout his book in 1859 on the Origin of Species through Natural Selection, complemented the pangenesis hypothesis.

Complete answer:
Darwin's theory of pangenesis slowly gained influence in the 1890s, as biologists largely rejected the inherited theory of acquired characteristics (IAC), on which the theory of pangenesis depended partially. Biologists substituted the idea of pangenesis with the germplasm idea and then with chromosomal theories of origin at the turn of the twentieth century, and they substituted the concept of gemmules with that of genes.

The principle of pangenesis originated from the assertion that the characteristics gained over the life of an organism were inherited. After ancient Greece, a cultural definition of inherited characteristics (IAC) has existed for almost two thousand years.
The theory of Pangenesis that is based on the inheritance of acquired characteristics by the environment was proposed by Darwin to supplement his theory of evolution by natural selection.

So, option (C) is correct

Note: Darwin's theory of pangenesis proved obsolete after the rediscovery of Gregor Mendel's laws of heredity in 1900. Mendel had researched how heritable factors acted across centuries of sexually fertile plants, and he had proposed laws to classify such behaviours. Mendel did not research the real units of inheritance but instead speculated the phenotypes or characteristics to evolve in animals that had certain influences.