From which of the following places is Kathmandu nearest by air route?
A) Patna
B) Delhi
C) Varanasi
D) Kolkata

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Kathmandu is home to 1 million population in Nepal. It is the largest city in Nepal and is the capital of Nepal. It is also known as the city of temples as it has been the center of Nepal’s history, culture, art, and economy for many years. The nearest air route to Kathmandu is from the capital of Bihar.

Complete Answer:
Kathmandu is a bowl-shaped valley in central Nepal. It was known as “Nepal Mandala” historically and is home to Newar people which is a cosmopolitan urban civilization situated in the Himalayan foothills. Kathmandu has been the headquarters of the SAARC or South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation since 1985. Also, it has been the seat of government of the Nepalese republic since 2008. Kathmandu is a part of Bagmati Pradesh.
The city is rich in Nepal’s history and culture. It is a multi-ethnic city with a majority of Hindu and Buddhist. The rich cultural and religious activities are a site for tourist attraction and are the major part of people living there. Kathmandu provides a gateway to the Nepalese Himalayas. Several World Heritage sites like Durbar Square, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, and Swayambhunath are situated in Kathmandu.
The Tribhuvan International Airport is the main international airport serving Kathmandu valley. It is about 6 kilometers from the city center. Patna and Kathmandu are 233 kilometers apart and the distance by air is $144.9$ miles. From Delhi to Kathmandu the distance is 1,149 kilometers. Distance from Varanasi to Kathmandu is 486 kilometers. At last, the distance from Kolkata to Kathmandu is 864 kilometers.
Kathmandu is located at the longitude of \[85.31{}^\circ \] and latitude of \[27.71{}^\circ \]. Patna which is the capital of Bihar is located at a longitude of \[85.13{}^\circ \] and latitude of \[25.62{}^\circ \].

So, the right answer is option A.

The Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. It serves for two terminals, one is international and the other is domestic. It connects 30 cities including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.