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How many blood vessels are attached to the heart? Are all the blood vessels rigid? How many of them are rigid?

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Hint: it will involve every blood vessel that takes blood away and towards the heart. Heart mainly includes three types of blood vessels namely – Arteries, veins and capillaries. Further they are classified into five blood vessels.

Complete answer:

1) Arteries carry blood away from the heart.
2) veins carry blood toward the heart.
3) capillaries help in exchanges of material between blood and tissue
 Five blood vessels are attached to heart
 It includes
(a) – superior vena cava
(b) – inferior vena cava
(c) – pulmonary artery.
(d)-pulmonary vein.
(e) – aorta
Not all the blood vessels are rigid. Rigidity is a condition when blood vessels lose elasticity. It usually occurs in old age. Rigidity causes blood vessels hardening of blood vessels. So, blood supply decreases. Only a small amount of stroke volume is used for blood circulation, mostly only arteries are rigid due to hardening and thickening of artery walls.

Note: five blood vessels are attached to the heart. not all the blood vessels are rigid. Mostly arteriosclerotic blood vessels are rigid. The arteries move under pressure so they have thick walls. When walls become rigid, they lose their elasticity. when they lose elasticity it becomes difficult for them to carry blood as deposits get started inside them. The five types of blood vessels help to carry blood away and toward the heart. Mostly rigidity occurs in old age.