Amylolytic enzymes are produced from
A. Salivary glands and liver
B. Stomach and liver
C. Stomach and pancreas
D. Salivary glands and pancreas

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Hint: Amylolytic enzymes or biocatalysts are the ones that carry out the conversion of starch into simpler sugars for the process of digestion. The digestion of starch occurs in the mouth and most of the starch gets digested in the first step only. These enzymes mainly digest the amylose content of the starch.

Complete answer: Amylolytic enzymes are the enzymes that are used for the conversion of starch into simple sugars.
Starch is of two types that is the amylose and amylopectin. The digestion of amylose occurs using the enzyme amylase.
This enzyme amylase carries out this conversion also known as digestion.
The enzyme for the conversion of starch is found in the salivary glands and the pancreas in the human digestive system.
Starch has around 20-30% of amylose and 70-80% amylopectin.
The principle of working of this enzyme is hydrolysis which means that the enzyme carries out the catalysis by the addition of water molecules.

Additional information: Enzyme shows following characteristics
1. Enzymes are called biological catalysts.
2. They catalyze reactions although they are not changed in the reaction.
3. Enzymes are known as proteins and therefore are folded chains of amino acids with a specific shape.
4. This shape is recognized by the sequence of amino acids held together by bonds,
for example, Hydrogen bonds.

Hence, the correct option is (D), Salivary glands, and pancreas.

Note: It should be noted that these enzymes catalyze the hydrolysis of the amylose content of the starch and convert it into simpler sugars. Starch has only 20-30% of amylose content, and these enzymes are found in both salivary glands and the pancreas.