Safety Measures and Technology

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Generating Awareness on Disaster Management 

Geological effects such as earthquakes, landslides, floods or natural calamities such as cyclones, droughts, volcanoes are widespread in today’s earth. All of these natural disasters result in disastrous impacts that affect not only the planet but also the human civilisation residing in it. Over half the population of a country can be changed if any of the above mentioned natural calamities strike the region. Generating awareness of disaster management is an essential step that a country and its people can take. On being aware of the damage that a human-made disaster can cause, one can avert the chances of massive destruction. Being prepared and knowledgeable of all the natural calamities can reduce the chances of loss of life too. 

What Are The Preventive Measures Of Disaster? 

Although natural disaster and calamities cannot be prevented, there are a number of ways by which one can be made aware of it. If a community starts spreading awareness of the disaster, then people will get an idea about the destruction. 

  • Talk with your local emergency response team. These people are aware of the effects of the disaster and can help the citizens of the local community to organise help and relief accordingly. 

  • Keep an emergency kit ready at all costs. Make sure the emergency kits supplied are large enough for each and every family member. Some families have more members than others. In such a case, it is best to keep different sets of emergency kits handy. 

  • Arrange workshops on preventive measures of disaster all year round. This will not only improve the planning process but also keep everyone ready for the main event. 

  • Make the citizens aware of the evacuation routes and give them all the necessary emergency numbers. Get the local media and other news agencies to work for your cause. I kept updating the citizens every month about the different preventive measures of disaster. 

  • School radio stations can organise monthly workshops to make the children aware of the situation and spread sufficient awareness. 

  • Handing out leaflets and brochures that talk about disaster management is a must. 

Safety Measures During Floods 

Safety measures during floods that should be followed by one, and all are: 

  • Stay away from water clogged streets: Death due to drowning is a primary health hazard during floods. Without being sure of the depth of water, try not to walk through water clogged streets. During flash floods, make sure you use a stick before stepping into the water. 

  • Stay away from electrical wires: Electrocution is a significant killer during floods. As current can flow through water, several loose wires lying here and about during tides can cause death. It is best to shut down the main lines during heavy rainfall. Following these safety measures during floods will reduce harm to humans. 

Safety Measures During Cyclones 

Safety measures during cyclones that should be followed are: 

  • Keep your emergency kits ready and handy. 

  • Make sure you have kept your phones and other necessary electronic devices charged. 

  • Keep candles ready in case the electricity power is cut off. 

  • Repair your roof shed or tiles. Try not to keep any loose debris lying about. 

  • Tie loose poles and rods with ropes before the storm hits. 

Following these safety measures during cyclones is a must for all. 

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Solved Examples

What Are The Different Natural Calamities Safety Measures? 

Every year several people are affected by different natural calamities. These disasters may be human-made or natural. Hazards may include explosions, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes or forest fires. Such natural disasters can cause widespread destruction that will harm not only humans but also animals and birds. There are several safety measures that one can adopt too in case such a disaster occurs. Safety measures during floods and cyclones have already been mentioned above. Following those and other natural calamities safety measures will keep you out of danger and health hazards. 

Fun Facts About Safety Measures During Natural Disasters

  • You can get your entire family together during a natural calamity such as floods or cyclones and spend quality time with them. 

  • Although cyclones bring significant destruction often, if you’re in a safe zone, then you can arrange for health camps in your building. 

  • Earthquakes usually trigger other natural calamities such as tornadoes and hurricanes. 

  • Earthquakes and floods usually accompany landslides. 

  • Forest fires are capable of damaging vast areas of greenery. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Are The Five Deadliest Natural Disasters in 2018?

According to research, the top 10 natural disasters that occurred in the year 2018 are: 

  • Earthquake in Papua New Guinea 

  • Floods in North Korea

  • Pakistan Heat Wave

  • Nigeria Floods 

  • Japan Floods 

All of the above natural calamities resulted in more than 200 deaths. It sent shock waves across the world. As the earth is being exposed to excessive global warming, the rate at which natural calamities are occurring in the countries is also increasing. The area which experienced flood received about 15 inches of rainfall in less than two hours. Flash floods are responsible for killing several people in the coastal regions. 

2. What Are The Causes Of Natural Calamities?

Natural calamities have been existing for a very long time now. Even in the earliest centuries of civilisation, records of natural disasters have been found. The fundamental cause of natural accidents nowadays is climate change. Climate change is a real issue, and the profound changes in it are responsible for these natural calamities. Hurricanes and Tornadoes in western countries have caused massive damage over the years. Not only loss of human life but extensive property damage has also been recorded. Although one cannot bring an end to these natural disasters, taking preventive measures to keep ourselves protected and safe during such situations is a must for one and all.