Difference Between Science and Technology

Science vs Technology

What is the Difference Between Science and Technology?

In science, we discover unknown things, while in technology, we invent an entirely new product. 

So, why do we discover things? It’s because the human mind is curious to explore the environment and also we are all scientists and we invent things to solve our problems. 

In science, we discover planets, stars, and give them a name, while scientific calculators were invented to solve complex mathematical problems.

In conclusion, science explores something new through observation and experimentation and technology invents something.

Here, we will differentiate between science and technology.

Differentiate Science From Technology



Science is knowing the unknown.

For example, how water rises upwards? 

Why does everything fall towards gravity?

To know or to find the reason behind such a phenomenon in science.

Technology is doing.

Technology is applying the laws of science and creating a new product.

Like rockets are developed on the science of the law of conservation of momentum.


Spaceships are developed on the science or phenomenon of gravitation.

Science is knowing and acquiring knowledge about nature.

Observing nature and making laws is not harmful.

Technology is transforming your ideas into practical applications. Like we hear of various types of radiation,microwave ovens are developed by employing microwaves.

However, these technologies are helpful and harmful as well.

Science is the search for and theorizing about the cause.

Technology is the search for and theorizing about new processes.

Science is making value free statements.

In Technology, activities are always value-laden.

Three parameters fall in sciences; they are:

  • Analysis

  • Generalization

  • Creation of theories

Two parameters fall in technology; they are:

  • Analysis, and

  • Synthesis of design

In science, goals are achieved through scientific processes.

In technology, the goal is achieved through key technological processes.

Science focuses on understanding natural phenomena.

Technology focuses on the understanding of the made environment.

In science, the most observed quality is drawing correct conclusions based on good theories and accurate data.

In technology, the most observed quality is taking good decisions based on incomplete data and approximate models.

Skills needed to excel in science are:

  • Experimental skills

  • Logical skills

Skills needed to excel in technology are:

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Testing

  • Planning

  • Quality

  • Assurance

  • Problem-solving

  • Decision making

  • Interpersonal, and communcation skills

Explain the Difference Between Science and Technology

You can think of science as discovering new ways of writing a new article or the thesis.

Now, to publish the same, you need a medium to communicate with the world to showcase your abilities.

To showcase your abilities, you need to invent new ideas viz: social media, contact news channels, and so on. The development of apps like social media, Twitter, news apps is obviously developed for these purposes.

So, here technology aided your newly discovered ideas to reach millions of people around the globe.

You can think of another example, let’s suppose that you are relocating to a new place and unaware of the shortest path. And, for discovering, you switch to GPS tracker.

So, here the discovery of a new path with the technology helped you reach your new home with a trouble-free and safe journey.

From the above two examples, you might have understood the difference between science and technology. 

Now, I ask you to think of a few more examples to find the difference between technology and science.

State the Difference Between Science and Technology


Science refers to the perpetual process of exploring new knowledge or objects through observation and experiments. 

It focuses on the correct process of gathering data. In science, the goal is achieved through a prolonged scientific process. The process of discovering things is neverending. It is always useful to find new things existing around us and help in some or another way.  We observe that science always focuses on understanding natural phenomena. Investigation in science results in advanced scientific knowledge and discovery.


Technology is the process of implementing scientific knowledge in practical applications for various purposes. For example, the discovery of the internet has made it possible for us to communicate worldwide by sitting in one corner of our room.

The technology focuses on the correct effect of taking action. The goal of inventing something is achieved through a continuous process. 

Technology can be useful or harmful. In one way, inventing something advances the standard of living by making our life more comfortable, on the other hand, it makes us totally dependent on ourselves, lethargic, and many other health problems.

For discovering anything, we need to invent something accordingly. If we go to the past, we were unaware of the temperature of stars and planets; however, after the invention of the telescope, we can determine the temperature, the colour of the radiation each planet or a star emits. This has been possible because of inventions as in this technology-driven world, inventions are on the rise.

In conclusion, science and technology go hand-in-hand.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Science Behind the Falling of Apples on the Earth?

Answer: All objects in the universe attract towards the earth. The science behind the falling of apples is, all the objects are attracted towards the earth. If we talk about celestial bodies, all the massive objects are held together by the force of gravity.

2. What is the Role of Science and Technology in our Lives, Illustrate it With a Simple Example.

Answer: Science and technology go hand-in-hand. Let’s say, you love to play the piano, however, you cannot afford to purchase it. What will you do?

You will discover ways of learning it for free. Now, let’s say you are an app developer, so you develop (invent) a ‘play piano’ app to learn it for free. So, here you applied science and technology for one purpose.

 3. What are the Relationships Between Science and Technology?

Answer: Science has a strong relationship with technology in the following ways:

  • New ideas help transform them into real-life applications.

  • Science is a base for the evaluation and feasibility of designs.

  • Science is the first step to exploring new ways of designing interactive technologies.

4. What is the Negative Impact of Technology?

Answer: Technology makes us dependent on it and proves harmful for us in many ways. If we talk about the launch of a satellite by putting them on rockets. These rockets expel dangerous gases, which leads to global warming.