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CBSE Physics Important Questions

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Introduction to CBSE Physics 

Chapter wise CBSE Important Questions of Class 12 Physics are mentioned in this article and the uses as well. We all know that Physics is a tough subject within the science consortium subjects physics is a very important subject as well. But if we really want to make a career in these fields like IT Consultant or the Lab Technician, Laser Engineer etc. then we need to have more strong fundamentals in subject physics to crack the exam. 

Vedantu has just released Chapter-Wise answers and  Question for class 12 Physics. Their chapter wise questions which are the Extra Questions with completely full solutions are available for download in the website of Vedantu if we talk about online . 

Importance of CBSE Physics Questions

These Questions along with solutions are prepared by our team of teachers who are experts in teaching the grades in CBSE schools for years. We have to take care of every single small concept which is given in CBSE Class 12 syllabus of Physics and questions are framed as per the latest scheme of marking and blueprint issued by CBSE for class 12.

Vedantu App- Best for CBSE Students

For downloading science, Mathematics, Social Science, English Communicative, English Language and Literature, Hindi which is Course A, Hindi which is Course B, and Other subjects. Do check Vedantu app for learning. This site provides sample papers along with the solutions and the test papers which is for chapter-wise practice that is  NCERT solutions and NCERT Exemplar solutions along with some quick revision notes for reference ready guess papers and CBSE important question papers. The Sample Paper those who are made available through the best app for students of CBSE.

Information on CBSE Board

The CBSE conducts the exam which is final for Class 12th and Class 10th every year in the march month. The announcement of the results are  by the end of May. The board conducted earlier the exam of AIEEE which is for admission to undergraduate courses in engineering and architecture in colleges across the country. The AIEEE exam however was merged with the IIT-Joint Entrance Exam  that is JEE in 2013. The exam which is a common examination is now called JEE Main exam  and is henceforth conducted by the National Testing Agency or the NTA.

CBSE also conducts the exam of AIPMT that is the All India Pre Medical Test which is  for the admission to major medical colleges in India. The conduct of the National Eligibility Test in 2014 for grant of a research of junior fellowship and eligibility for assistant professor in the higher institutions for learning was outsourced to CBSE. Apart from these tests which were conducted the  CBSE also conducts the teachers Central Eligibility Test and the Class X optional proficiency test. In 2014 with the addition of this test of NET the CBSE has become one of the largest exam conducting bodies in the world.

Promotion for 12th 

If we talk about it then originally the criteria of passing were set such that a student had to get 33% in both the practical as well as theory components. an exemption however was initially granted for students who are writing the exam as they went through the old CCE system in the previous year in 2018. The CBSE however later extended this relief for students who are writing the exam from 2019.

Exceptionally for a student who does not manage to pass up to two subjects, then he or she can write the compartment paper in those subjects in July month. For those who fail the compartment as well, or those who fail in three subjects or more then he or she must rewrite all the subjects taken in the next year.

FAQs on CBSE Physics Important Questions

Q1. Are Additional Questions of NCERT in Physics Important?

Ans: Yes the ncert is important and they are very important for boards. Practicing them for proper understanding of concepts is very necessary. one can even practice the ones which are already asked in the years of the previous year question papers. They will be more important and they should not be ignored.

Q2. Do Questions of NCERT Come in Board Exams?

Ans: If we go through the past years question paper or we can say the  exam papers, then we will find that most of the questions asked in the papers are taken directly or indirectly from the books of NCERT. Many a times the CBSE asks questions which are twisted in the board papers. Then the students who simply mug up with the book of NCERT start claiming that the paper is out of syllabus.

Q3. How Do We Prepare for Physics?

Ans: in CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper Preparation we can following:

  1. First and foremost we must utilize the 15 minutes reading time.

  2. Then through the reading of the NCERT is mandatory to succeed in the CBSE Physics Board paper.

  3. Then next as per the pattern which is new of the question paper there will be 10 MCQs. 

  4. The Prepared chapter-wise formulas should be revised time and again.

Q4. Is NCERT Very Important for Boards?

Ans: For subjects like physics or any subject the ncert is very important for both board exams and various competitive exams. The marks Securing which are considered as the good marks in Physics along with other subjects can almost guarantee us a higher percentage in the board exams as well as good rank in different competitive exams.

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