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Black Holes

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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The boundary that is of the region from which no escape is possible is known as the event horizon. Although we can say that the event horizon has an enormous effect on fate along with the circumstances of an object that is crossing it. according to relativity that is the general relativity theory it has no locally detectable features. 

In many other ways also a black hole acts like an ideal body or the black body as it reflects no light.  Moreover we can see here that the quantum field theory in curved spacetime predicts that event horizons emit Hawking radiation. 

Note: Along  with the same spectrum as the body which is black of a temperature inversely proportional to its mass. This temperature which we look at here is on the order of billions of kelvin for holes which are black of mass stellar that is making it essentially impossible to observe.

How are Black Holes formed?

The Michell's which are simplistic calculations assumed such a body might have the same density as that of the Sun and concluded that such a body which would form but dampened enthusiasm which when the wavelike nature of light became apparent in the early century which is of nineteenth.

If the light which we see was a wave rather than a "corpuscle" it is then very unclear what if any of the influence of gravity would have on the escaping wave of light.  Modern physics very promptly discredits the notation of Michell's of a light ray shooting directly from the surface to that of a star which is supermassive. the being which slowed down by the gravity of the star's which is stopping and then free-falling back to the star's surface.

What are Black Holes?

The gravity is also so strong because the matter which we have been discussing has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen at the specific time when a star is dying.

Because of the fact that no light can get out the people can't see black holes. They are invisible in nature. The telescope or the Space telescopes with special tools can help find black holes. The tools which are very special can see how stars that are very close to black holes act differently than other stars.

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Phenomenon of Black Holes

The phenomenon of Black holes can be small or big. According to the Scientists they think that the smallest black holes are as small as just one atom. These black holes are very tiny in size but have the mass of a mountain which is very large. The Mass is the amount of matter or we can say the stuff that is in an object.

Another kind of black hole is known as the  "stellar." The mass of the mass can be up to 20 times more than the mass of the sun which is in the solar system. There may be many many stellar masses which are of the black holes in the galaxy of Earth's. The galaxy of Earth's  is known as the Milky Way.

The black or the largest black holes are known as the  "supermassive." These black holes have masses that are more than 1 million together sunsin the system. Scientists have already found proof that every large galaxy contains a supermassive black hole at its center. The blavk hole which is a supermassive hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is known as Sagittarius A. It has a mass equal which is approximately  about 4 million suns and would fit inside a very large ball that could hold a few earths million in number .

How are Stellar Black Holes Formed?

Scientists already think that the smallest black holes formed when the universe began.

The black holes of the Stellar are made when the center of a very big star falls in upon itself or we can say they collapse. When this happens it causes a supernova. A supernova phenomenon is an exploding star that blasts part of the star into space.

According to the Scientists, the supermassive black holes were made at the same time as the galaxy they are in.

The Black holes which are discussing here do not go around in space eating stars planets and the moons. The Earth will not fall into a black hole because no black hole is close enough to the solar system.

Even if we talk about the  black hole mass as the sun were to take the place of the sun, the planet Earth still would not fall in. The black hole that would have the same gravity as that of the sun. the planet Earth and the other planets along with it would orbit the black hole as they orbit the sun now.

The sun is said to never turn into a black hole. The sun which is in the solar system is not a big enough star to make a black hole all alone.

FAQs on Black Holes

Q1. Explain what happens if a Person goes into a Black Hole?

Ans: We might have expected to get crushed or maybe torn to pieces. But the reality is stranger than what we think. The instant we entered the black hole the reality would split in two. In one or we would be instantly incinerated and in the other we would plunge into the black hole utterly unharmed.

Q2. Explain Can we Survive a Black Hole?

Ans: Regardless of the explanation which we try to list here we do know that it is highly unlikely that anyone entering a black hole would survive. Any trip that is into a black hole would be a way. The gravity of the planet is too strong and we could not go back in space and time to return home.

Q3. Explain what is a Black Hole made of?

Ans: There are two neutron stars that can collide creating an event horizon and then leading to a black hole and a dense collection which is of matter or we can say  either in the form of start or the gas can directly collapse later leading to a black hole.

Q4. Explain where are Black Holes?

Ans: The black hole which is supermassive is located at the heart of a galaxy known as the  M87 which is located about 55 million light-years away and weighs more than 6 billion solar masses. 

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