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National Science Olympiad (NSO) Sample Question Paper for Class 5

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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NSO Sample Question Paper for Class 5 - Free PDF Download

Vedantu provides the latest sample papers for the National Science Olympiad (NSO) for Class 5 in this article. Download a free PDF of NSO Sample Papers for Class 5 and prepare for your exam in the best way possible. All the NSO Sample Papers for Class 5 are created by subject experts and master teachers who have many years of experience in Olympiad preparation. All Sample papers are created as per the latest pattern of the exam given by SOF. These NSO Sample Papers for Class 5 will be very useful if you are preparing for the National Science Olympiad Exam 2023-24 and which builds a strong foundation for higher-level competitive examinations. So, Study for the upcoming NSO Exam 2023-24 by downloading this in a PDF format and read the entire article to learn more about NSO Exam, NSO Sample Question Papers, NSO Exam Pattern and more.

NSO 2023-24 Exam: Overview

Given below is a detailed overview of the NSO Exam 2023-24.

Exam Conducting Body

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)


British Council


Students from Class 5 to 12


To help students judge their English knowledge by competing with students.

Application Process

Through respective schools

Exam Dates

17th October 2023,

21st November 2023,

5th December 2023


February, March (Tentative)


Up to INR 50,000 + Gold medal + Performance certificate

Frequency of Conduct


Exam Level




Exam Mode


Question Type

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)


1 hour

Registration Fee

INR 125

NSO Exam Pattern for Class 5 (Level 1)




No of Qs




Section 1: Logical Reasoning




Section 2: Science




Section 3: Achievers Section




Grand Total



NSO Exam Pattern for Class 5 (Level 2)




No of Qs








Achievers section




Grand Total



NSO Sample Question Papers for all Classes

Benefits of Studying NSO Sample Paper for Class 5

Find the benefits of studying NSO Sample Paper for Class 5 from below:

  • NSO Sample Paper for Class 5 provides an idea of how the actual exams will be, and gives an environment similar to that of the final Olympiads.

  • As students solve all kinds of problems and answer different questions, students who solve NSO Sample Paper for Class 5 are more prepared for the exams.

  • The NSO Sample Paper for Class 5 the environment of the real exams. So, the students will have a better idea of how much time they would need to finish the entire paper after completing the sample papers on a regular basis.

  • It is always good to check the NSO syllabus in depth. Regularly reviewing the syllabus through NSO Sample Paper for Class 5 will help students in memorising it better.

  • Students will improve at solving any problem from the syllabus when they take regular sample tests and complete all NSO Sample Paper for Class 5 by Vedantu.

  • They also boost confidence in students to attempt exams in a better way.

Last Minute Preparation Tips NSO 2023-24

  • Know the syllabus for NSO 2023-24 Exam.

  • While practising with NSO sample papers, keep an eye on time.

  • You can consider this as an actual exam and mark answers on the OMR Sheet.

  • Keep yourself away from Social Media.

  • Practice consistently to boost your confidence.

  • Take rest and be healthy.


Boost your confidence by practising these NSO Sample Question Papers for Class 5. Our master teachers have created and solved each question, providing students with a clear understanding of the types of questions that may appear on their NSO 2023-24 Exam. Students can evaluate themselves with these questions in terms of difficulty, frequency, and type by completing all NSO Sample Question Paper for Class 5 on this page.

FAQs on National Science Olympiad (NSO) Sample Question Paper for Class 5

1. Are olympiads considered extracurricular activities?

Yes, olympiads are extracurricular activities, however, they are held in accordance with the school's curriculum. Apart from what is covered in the school curriculum, there is nothing further that pupils would have to learn. In a sense, these tests are extracurricular since they provide them with additional information regarding the same chapters that are covered in class. Students can pick their own disciplines and compete in the online olympiads on their own. Students might be encouraged by participating in yearly olympiads organised by their schools. All interested students can register for the 2023 olympiad test online.

2. Is there any sort of penalisation in the olympiad?

Exams administered by the Science Olympiad Foundation do not have any negative grading. The organisation's goal is to provide high-quality education through olympiad tests. These tests are held for students in grades 1 through 10. As a result, awarding bad grades in these tests does not deter anyone. The purpose of these tests is to stimulate students and to foster a healthy competitive atmosphere. The online olympiads of the Science Olympiad Foundation guarantee that students get the most experienced in the topics they enjoy. It analyses their strengths and shortcomings with the goal of making things presented in class more clear.

3. How many levels do olympiads have?

The Science Olympiad Foundation holds both online and offline tests. The exams are held on a single level. Students, on the other hand, are provided year-round preparation in order to compete in the yearly olympiads. Before entering the national contests, students can try a range of questions. These sample papers work for NSO in the same way as online mock tests or demo tests do. The olympiad sample paper pattern is the same as what is expected in the yearly olympiad. To learn more, do check Vedantu’s website.

4. Who is eligible to compete in the olympiad?

Students from classes 1 to 10 are welcome to participate in the National Science Olympiad. The organisation believes that all age groups of students should be encouraged to take these tests. Students can take the olympiad tests in topics such as math, science, general knowledge, computer, English, drawing, essay, and social studies. There are no restrictions on who can compete in olympiads. These tests are designed to improve students' existing knowledge, strengthen their individual intelligence, and help them grasp topic information.

5. What is the olympiad curriculum?

The olympiad syllabus is based on the curriculum established by the country's most prestigious schools. Because the academic themes are almost identical, students who prepare for olympiad examinations also prepare for school exams. Olympiad examinations provide students with the opportunity to go deeper into topics covered in class. It expands their knowledge and, as a result, their intelligence. All olympiads have a section on logical thinking. This portion requires students to think critically and analytically about all of the questions. It also improves their problem-solving skills, making them stronger competitors in the future.

6. How many parts are there in the NSO Sample Question Paper for Class 5?

There are 3 sections in the NSO Exam 2023 for Class 5. Each will focus on different parts of the syllabus. The detailed syllabus of both levels for Class 5 NSO is discussed in the above section.