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Junior Olympiad Booklet For Class 7 Maths

Last updated date: 19th May 2024
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To fulfill the dream of India and bring the gold, Vedantu has come up with an academic gift or a booklet for class 7 students that will help the students to revise the maths syllabus for junior olympiads. From covering basic concepts to high-order problems, it has everything to test your learning. This booklet will check your preparation for upcoming Junior Olympiads and tell you where you stand in terms of solving the toughest question of the toughest exam.

Moreover, it gives exposure to children, tests the student's preparation level, and helps them know where they stand in terms of exam preparation. Also, they prepare the base of children for RMO, JEE, NEET, etc.

 A Few Reputed Maths Olympiads are- 

IMO (International Mathematics Olympiads conducted by SOF) 

IOM  (International Olympiad of Mathematics conducted by Silverzone) 

UIMO (Unified International Mathematics Olympiad conducted by Unified council).  

Vedantu has been producing all top ranks in all reputed Mathematics Olympiads.

Hence, to help students ace the upcoming International Mathematics Olympiads, Vedantu is releasing a magic booklet that comprises a question bank for practice based on questions asked in previous years. These questions have been accumulated by the team of qualified & experienced Vedantu master teachers.   

Follow the link to download Vedantu’s class 7 Junior Mathematics Olympiad booklet in PDF format.