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JSO Exam Booklet

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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JSO Exam Booklet PDF Download

Junior Science Olympiad is one of the most sought after exams at the junior school level. Students studying in or below class 10th are eligible to give this exam. Around 80,000 students from various parts of the country appear annually in these exams. This exam serves the purpose of being the qualification exam for the prestigious Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO) which helps to find the top 36 students out of which top-6 will represent India at the International Junior Science Olympiad.

Winning gold for India in the International Olympiads has always been the dream of every child, which resonates with our aim of providing excellence to every kid who seeks it. Therefore, Vedantu has come up with a JSO Booklet that will help you revise the JSO concepts and test your JSO learning. This booklet will help you foresee your JSO preparation and tell you where you stand as far as JSO preparation is concerned.

Follow the link below to download the Booklet in pdf format and keep learning on Vedantu.