ICO 2020 Result & Cut Off

SOF ICO Results 2020

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organizes the International Commerce Olympiad (ICO) every year to motivate the students to gain a maximum knowledge in the field of Commerce. The SOF ICO exam can be taken by any student of class 11 and 12 under any stream. Students aspiring to pursue an excellent score in the SOF ICO results 2020 should enroll themselves for the exam through their respective schools. The ICO examination is launched in association with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

ICO 2020 Result

More About ICO Olympiad Results

The ICO exams will be conducted in the respective schools from which the students have enrolled. It will be conducted during the working hours of the school. After the successful conduction of the ICO exam in the schools, the SOF being the organizing body will take the responsibility of announcing the results within a pre scheduled time. The results of ICO will be usually announced online. Students will be able to explore their performances in the International Commerce Olympiad by surfing into the official website of SOF. It is mandatory for the candidates to have their roll numbers exactly the way it is mentioned in their ICO admit cards to check their results. A few other details like School code and candidate’s name may also be required during the process of checking the result online.


SOF has declared to spend around Rs. 20 crores approximately on the awards, gifts and scholarships for the best performers of ICO examination and other Olympiad exams for this academic year of 2020 - 2021. A few important awards and recognitions offered the students under the ICO at various levels are listed below. 

International Level



No. of Awards


Rs. 1,00,000/- + Gold Medal + Outstanding Performance Certificate



Rs. 75,000/- + Silver Medal + Outstanding Performance Certificate



Rs. 50,000/- + Bronze Medal + Outstanding Performance Certificate



Rs. 25,000/- + Distinction Medal + Outstanding Performance Certificate



Rs. 10,000/- + Distinction Medal + Outstanding Performance Certificate


Zonal Level



No. of Awards


Rs. 10,000/- + Gold Medal + Zonal Excellence Certificate



Rs. 5,000/- + Silver Medal + Zonal Excellence Certificate



Gift worth Rs. 1,000/- + Bronze Medal + Zonal Excellence Certificate


4 - 10

Gift worth Rs. 1,000/- + Distinction Medal + Zonal Excellence Certificate


11 - 25

Distinction Medal + Zonal Excellence and Distinction Certificate


26 +

Participation Certificate


ICO Olympiad Results: Few Important Rules

  • For the international winners, the cash prize of the award will be equally distributed among the 10 students securing the same rank in addition to the certificate of appreciation and the medal. 

  • If more than 10 students get the same rank at international level, they will be awarded a gift worth Rs. 1000 each in lieu of the cash prize.

  • If upto 5 students have secured the same rank at zonal level, the award money will be equally distributed among all the students. However, if there are more than 5 students securing the same rank, each student will be rewarded with a gift worth Rs. 1000/- each. 

  • The following prizes and rewards are made available at the school level:

  • Top rank holder of the class will get a gold medal of excellence.

  • Top 3 rank holders of the school will also get the gold medal of excellence.

  • In cases where more than 25% of the class has registered for the exam, 10% of the total number of students from the top score will be rewarded with medals.

  • Every student will be given a Student Performance Report (SPR) which gives a detailed description of his / her score in the Olympiad exam. The SPR has 6 sections in all. Each section is dedicated for a specific purpose like comparison of students’  score at city, state, zonal and international levels. 

  • Each student taking up this exam will get a certificate of participation.

  • Top 25 rank holders in each class will have a prospect of acquiring the medals of distinction.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1) How do I Check my ICO Results?

Answer) The following steps are to be noted while checking the ICO results online. 

  • Visit the official website of the Science Olympiad Foundation.

  • Click on the Select Olympiad tab in the home page.

  • From the drop down list, select SOF ICO.

  • Enter your Roll number and verify the details before you submit.

  • Click on View Results Tab and download the results. The result sheet can also be printed for future reference. 

Question 2) What is the tie Breaking Criteria in ICO Olympiad Results?

Answer) The officials of SOF will use a specified tie breaking criteria to resolve ties. In case if two or more students score the same marks, then the individual marks scored by them in each section of the question paper is taken into account. The priority of the marks of each section considered for awarding ranks is as follows:

  1. Achievers section

  2. Accountancy

  3. Economics

  4. Business Studies

Question 3) What are the Details Mentioned in the ICO Result Sheet?

Answer) The following details are listed in the result sheet of SOF ICO online. 

  1. Candidate’s name

  2. Roll number of the candidate

  3. Name of the Olympiad Exam

  4. Conducting Authority

  5. Obtained marks

  6. Class rank

  7. School Rank

  8. Zonal Rank

  9. Award and prize details

Question 4) What are the Awards Given to the Schools and Teachers Under ICO?

Answer) Apart from rewarding the students who participate and perform in the International Commerce Olympiad, the organizers also offer various awards to the schools and the teachers at various levels. A few remarkable awards given to the school principals and the teachers are:

  1. Best Principal Award (Cash prize + Citation + Trophy) at city, zonal and international level.

  2. Best Teacher Award Cash prize + Citation + Trophy) at city, zonal and international level.

  3. Mementos and gifts to the principals and teachers of the participant schools.

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