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ICO Advanced Exam Questions

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Science Olympiad Foundation conducts Olympiad exams for various specialized subjects across the grades to the students who aspire to prepare themselves for the challenges of the contemporary world. The International Commerce Olympiad is one such competitive examination conducted by the SOF to enhance the learning spirit of higher secondary school students. The only eligibility criteria for the students to appear in ICO exam is that they should be pursuing either their 11th or 12th standard. However, there is no other criteria of restriction to take up this examination.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1) How are ICO Performers Rewarded?

Answer) Students and the participant schools are open to a wide spectrum of awards, accolades and recognitions by taking part in the ICO exams. ICO winners will be awarded as International or Zonal or School toppers based on their score in the exam. Being a single level exam, ICO adds an additional weightage to the resume of the class 11 and 12 students.

Question 2) How are the ICO Tests Conducted in Schools?

Answer) The ICO tests are conducted by the SOF in the respective schools from which the participants have enrolled. It will be a written test conducted within the normal working hours of the school. OMR sheets will be provided for the students to answer the objective type questions. The main advantage of this test is that there is no negative marking. So, the students can take a step ahead and attempt to answer all the questions without any fear of losing marks.

Question 3) How do I Study for the Olympiad Exams?

Answer) Here are a few important tips given by the experts for the students who are in their way of preparation for Olympiad exams.

  • It is very important to know what is to be learnt. So, better go through the syllabus. 

  • Have a proper study plan for yourself and put it into practice religiously. 

  • Try understanding the concepts at a greater depth. This will help you score the best marks. 

  • Solve the question papers of the previous year for the same exam and stay tuned with your mental strength.

Question 4) Why Should the Students Take up Olympiad Exams?


  • Olympiad exams induce a spirit of healthy competition among the students right from the young age. This in turn makes them ready for the various facets of competition in future. 

  • A rank in the Olympiad will definitely boost up the confidence of students and trigger them to know more about the subject and score better in the upcoming years. 

  • The conceptual and tricky questions in the Olympiad exams checks the depth of subject knowledge of the students. 

  • Students are motivated to improve their logical thinking and analytical reasoning skills while answering the questions in Achievers section.