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Important NEET Books for Your Exam Preparation 2022

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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List of Important Books for NEET 2022

National Eligibility Entrance Test, abbreviated as NEET, is the former exam which is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency) and is an entrance examination for the All India Pre-Medical Test. Qualifying this test, one gets admission into top MBBS and BDS institutes of Indian Medical and the Dental Colleges in India.

Students all over India appear for this exam with thorough preparation.

Students leave no stones unturned in achieving the best preparation. Thus “What will be the best book for NEET?” is a common question of the students who start preparing for the exam.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the same. We have created a list of eminent books on Chemistry, Biology, and Physics subjects which will undoubtedly be beneficial for the students. 

How Will You Choose the Best NEET Books for Yourself?

It is understandable that for good preparation, students will need good sets of NEET preparation books. But, before you choose the best books, you must know that different books will favour different students. The students are required to understand which type of books they are comfortable with for studying. The contents of the books will be the same, what will be different is the language of the book, the material shared in the books, and likewise.

Suppose you are a student who understands the core of the chapter by practising questions and answers more than reading the chapter in-depth, then you must go for the books which have ample practice questions from past year's question papers. In that case, studying the books with only theoretical content will be futile for you and you will not get enough preparation even if you had studied from the best theory book.

Some things that students are required to bear in mind while looking out for the best books for NEET preparation are as follows:

  1. Always ask your teachers or seniors about the best books. As they are already experienced in that matter. 

  2. Follow what the subject experts or the toppers have to say about the best NEET books currently on the market. 

  3. After studying the NCERT NEET Syllabus 2022, you are advised to go for a book hunt.

  4. Books for NEET 2022 should be cross-checked with the syllabus provided by the official website of the NEET. 

In the next section, we will give a brief overview of the NEET 2022 highlights, after which we will talk about the NEET preparation books. 

NEET 2022 Overview

  • What is the Name of the Exam? - National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 

  • Who conducts the exam? - National Testing Agency (NTA) 

  • What is the mode of the exam being conducted? - Offline Mode

  • What are the subjects examined in NEET? - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

  • What is the time limit for the exam? - 3 hours

  • How many questions are there? - 200 questions, out of which 180 are required to be attempted 

  • Marks in each question? - 4 marks each

  • Maximum marks - 720 marks

  • Is negative marking applicable? - Yes, -1 for each wrong answer and 0 for unattempted questions

  • The courses offered are MBBS, BDS, and Ayush Courses. 

Know the Best Books for NEET 2022

While preparing for NEET 2022, students are advised to study first the NCERT books of both Class 11 and Class 12 and then proceed on with other books. For each subject, NCERT Books must be studied religiously. Toppers across the country said in their statement that NCERT Books are to be considered the foremost as the books consist of the syllabus of the exam. One of the NEET toppers Bhavik Bansal (AIR 2) said in his statement that if the students can study 90% of the questions and answers from NCERT, then nothing can stop them from getting admitted to the reputed government MBBS or BDS colleges for their further study. Apart from that, we are providing the following list of books for each of the subjects. 

Best Books for NEET - Chemistry

In the NEET Exam, Chemistry consists of 50 marks that also carries the maximum mark of 180 in which the aspirants are required to attempt the question from three sections - Organic, Inorganic, and Physical. Following the previous year’s trend of question papers, Physical and organic chemistry carries more marks. We kept this in mind and thus have added the books accordingly.

As known, the Physical Chemistry Books have numerical type questions and thus the books in the list will help the students in practising the same. Inorganic Chemistry as compared to the other two sections is considered to be an easy one, it majorly consists of memory-based questions in it. The book by JD Lee consists of the MCQ-type questions that will assist the students to score good marks in the Chemistry section. Organic chemistry requires revision and practice of the question and test papers as the topics are interlinking. Now let us check the best chemistry books for NEET:

  • NCERT Chemistry textbooks for Class XI and XII

  • Physical Chemistry by OP Tandon

  • ABC of Chemistry for Classes 11 and 12 by Modern

  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee

  • Dinesh Chemistry Guide

  • Practice books by VK Jaiswal (Inorganic), MS Chauhan (Organic), and N Awasthi (Physical)

Best Biology Books for NEET

Biology consists of the maximum marks in the NEET examination. Including Botany and Zoology, NEET comprises 100 questions from this biology section summing maximum marks of 360. Thus, we see how important biology is for the study of the students.

The important book in the list of suggested books for biology will be Classes XI and XII NCERT Biology books. With the help of these NCERT books, the students will have a clear understanding of the concepts of the chapter. Let us check the list of the best Biology books for NEET preparation, among which the best objective books for NEET Biology are listed below:

  • NCERT Biology Class XI and Class XII textbooks

  • Biology Vol 1 and Vol 2 by Trueman

  • Objective Biology by Dinesh

  • Objective Botany by Ansari

  • Pradeep Guide on Biology

  • GR Bathla publications for Biology

Best Books for NEET - Physics

Physics is considered as the toughest among all the three sections. This is also agreed by the students and the subject experts. The Physics section in NEET will require a thorough understanding of each and every topic. The Physics section will consist of 50 questions that will be carrying 180 marks in total. The questions will be mostly based on these chapters - Electrostatics, Mechanics, and Electronics.

Students are suggested to solve the numerical based books so that they can solve the numerical questions in the exam properly. The best and the most recommended book on the list is Concept of Physics by H.C Verma; this book will provide the students with abundant solved and unsolved problems which will help the students to practise. Studying from this book will also provide the student with the opportunity of solving the Sample Questions of the NEET 2022.

For objective type questions, students can refer to D.C Pandey; these books will help the NEET aspirants to be a pro at solving the objective type questions. Let us check the remaining books from the list below:

  • NCERT Physics Class XI & Class XII

  • Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma

  • DC Pandey Physics for NEET

  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker

  • Fundamental Physics by Pradeep

  • Problems in General Physics by IE Irodov

Why Do We Need to Study from the Best Books?

It is a known fact that NEET is an all India based examination. Lakhs of students participating in this exam exemplify a cut-throat competition against each other. Students appearing in this exam want to set a good career in their fields and thus they appear for this exam to get admission to the top institutes. Now if they do not prepare well enough for this exam, then the aim of getting into a reputed institution will never be a reality and in turn, their career future will be a bleak one.


Thus, the students aggressively prepare themselves for this exam. They are supplemented with many study materials among which it is quite obvious to search for the best books for NEET 2022 preparation. How will these books suggested by us help? Let us see the pointers below:

  1. As suggested, the aspirants are required to study the NCERT books, this will strengthen their basic knowledge of the chapter and thus will give them a strong base for more complicated questions. This will positively impact their preparation level.

  2. Among the 200 questions in the examination, 50% will be asked from NCERT and thus it gives the students yet another reason to study from the NCERT priorly.  

  3. The books suggested by us consist of those books which will prepare the students for MCQ-type questions and answers. In the exam, they will be a champion in solving the same within a 3 hours time limit. 

  4. Studying from the best books will ensure 100% preparation for the students. 

  5. NCERT books might help the students in clearing the concepts and improve their conceptual knowledge but studying these suggested best books will prepare the students according to the exam pattern.

  6. For the NEET 2022 exam, students are required to stay updated and this will be supplemented by these best books. 

  7. The marking scheme of the paper and weightage of marks will be known by the students once they study from these suggested best books. 

  8. Moreover, these books are not suggested as a fluke, rather they are preferred by the toppers and the subject experts all over India. 

Syllabus for NEET 2022

The NEET syllabus moreover remains the same. For the year 2022, the NEET syllabus is prepared by the CBSE, NCERT, and the NEET official body. The syllabus includes the topics from the three subjects. The syllabus is also prepared by keeping in mind the syllabus prepared by each state. Let us have a look at the syllabus to give the students clarity on the same:

NEET Syllabus for Physics:

  1. Physical world and measurement

  2. Electrostatics

  3. Kinematics

  4. Current Electricity

  5. Laws of Motion

  6. Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism

  7. Work, Energy, and Power

  8. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

  9. The motion of the System of Particles and Rigid Body

  10. Electromagnetic Waves

  11. Gravitation

  12. Optics

  13. Properties of Bulk Matter

  14. Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

  15. Thermodynamics

  16. Atoms and Nuclei

  17. The behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory

  18. Electronic Devices

  19. Oscillations and Waves

NEET Syllabus for Chemistry:

  1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

  2. Solid State

  3. Structure of Atom

  4. Solutions

  5. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

  6. Electrochemistry

  7. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  8. Chemical Kinetics

  9. States of Matter: Gases and Liquids

  10. Surface Chemistry

  11. Thermodynamics

  12. General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements

  13. Equilibrium

  14. p-Block Elements

  15. Redox Reactions.

  16. d and f Block Elements

  17. Hydrogen

  18. Coordination Compounds

  19. s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)

  20. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

  21. Some p-Block Elements

  22. Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers

  23. Organic Chemistry - Some Basic Principles and Techniques

  24. Aldehydes, Ketones, and Carboxylic Acids

  25. Hydrocarbons

  26. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

  27. Environmental Chemistry

  28. Biomolecules

  29. Polymers

  30. Chemistry in Everyday Life

NEET Syllabus for Biology

  1. Diversity in Living World

  2. Reproduction

  3. Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants

  4. Genetics and Evolution

  5. Cell Structure and Function

  6. Biology and Human Welfare

  7. Plant Physiology

  8. Biotechnology and Its Applications

  9. Human Physiology

  10. Ecology and Environment

This was indeed a comprehensive study where the students will get to know about the best books for Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The suggested books are researched well and they are recommended by the toppers and subject experts; thus, it is a guarantee that these books will benefit the students in a positive way. Apart from this, we also provided the importance of NCERT and also talked about a few books which will be beneficial for the students. 

FAQs on Important NEET Books for Your Exam Preparation 2022

1. What books are used by the NEET toppers?

Books that are used by the NEET toppers are as follows:

  • NCERT Biology Class 11 textbook.

  • NCERT Biology Class 12 textbook.

  • MTG Objective NCERT at your Fingertips.

2. Are NCERT Books enough for NEET preparation?

The answer in this case will be a no. NCERT books will definitely help you in clearing the exam but in order to secure a good rank, you are required to go that extra mile. The students are required to study from those books that are suggested by us.