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Class 9 English chapter Wind may be a little difficult for some students to understand. In the CBSE Class 9 English poem Wind, the poet talks to the wind and describes its power and qualities. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive poem 2 Wind provided by Vedantu is designed by teachers, following CBSE guidelines. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive poem Wind would help students revise the chapter thoroughly and score good marks. You can register for the online classes which are conducted by the best English tutors in India. Vedantu is an excellent learning platform providing solutions for various subjects to score the maximum marks.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. In What Tone Does the Poet Speak to the Wind- Humour or Anger? Elucidate Your Views on the Wind "Crumbling Lives."

The poet talks to the wind in a tone of anger. Strong and powerful winds are known to create a lot of destruction and havoc. It causes damage to land, water as well as properties. Storms and cyclones destroy the land. It causes uprooting of trees and electric poles. They also end people’s lives by damaging boats and frightening sailors.

However, the wind does not always crumble lives. It is also responsible for bringing coolness. It brings rain and calms down the drought-prone areas and induces the production of crops like rice. Wind energy is also used for purposes like the generation of electricity and turning wind turbines.

2. Describe the Last Four Lines of the Poem.

The poem's last four lines talk about facing wind courageously. The lines symbolize the adverse situations and hardships of life. The poet inspires us to handle these challenging times with a lot of courage. Moreover, the wind has the power to extinguish only the weak ones. It does not stand a chance in front of the strong-hearted ones.

Similarly, adverse times take a negative toll on the weak-hearted ones. Healthy people with a steady mind will surpass the bad times as they face every situation courageously. The poet also asks us to befriend the wind just like we should befriend the difficulties of life. That way, we can win over every situation.