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Maths Worksheet for Kids- Tape Diagram

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Maths Worksheet for Kids| Tape Diagram - Download Free PDF with Solutions

Class KG-3 Maths topic called Tape Diagram is a crucial concept that introduces the students to using Tape Diagrams to solve various problems. The tape diagram method is the most commonly used method by young minds to perform different calculations. It has a diagram of a tape that can use by students to assign different values and come up with solutions for the given problems. They will also study the process of using tape diagrams in different scenarios.

With the help of the Tape Diagram Worksheet designed by experts at Vedantu, students can easily grab the concepts of using tape diagrams in different ways. Understand the formation of a tape diagram and solve the questions provided in the worksheet easily.

Access Worksheet for Maths KG-2 Tape Diagram

A tape diagram is a visual model resembling a piece of tape, that is used to assist with addition, subtraction, and commonly multiplication. In the tape diagram, we observe that rectangles are used to visually represent the parts of a ratio or a fraction. 

Let’s solve some questions using the tape diagrams for further understanding -


1. Kunal clicked 5 pictures, and Preety clicked 3 pictures. How many pictures did they click in total ?

2. There are 30 boys in the class, 23 boys are present today. How many boys are absent ?

3. Six tons of garbage is equally divided between 2 dump trucks. How much garbage is in one dump truck ?

4. Find the value of 3/5 of 25 ?

5. Rohan had 18 candies he wanted to give 1/3 of these candies to his brother. How many candies would these be ?

6. Find 3/4 of 40 ?

7. Sita has 8 toffees; she ate 3 out of it. How many toffees are left ?

8. Deepak plucked 4 roses, and Gita plucked 2 roses. How many roses did they pluck in all ?

9. Find the value of 1/3 of 15 ?

10. Radha bought 3 chocolates, and Mohan bought 6 chocolates. How many chocolates did they buy in total ?

11. Jagdeep had 7 apples, his friend ate 4 out of these apples. How many apples are left ?

12. Ladina bought 10 shirts, she returned 3 out of that. How many shirts are left?

13. 15 children were playing in the ground, 6 children returned to their houses. How many children are left?

14. There were 6 marbles in the box, Kajal took 4 of them. How many marbles are left in the box?

15. Find the value of 1/2 of 30 ?

Answers -

1.                                              8 pictures

                               ↙       ↘

              5 pictures                     +                     3 pictures

Therefore, they click 8 pictures in total.

2.                                                    7 boys

                            ↙    ↘

                30 boys                -                  23 boys

Therefore, 7 boys are absent.








        I_______I     I______I

        1st truck                      2nd truck

If we divide six by 2 then we get 3.

Therefore, 3 tons of garbage will be in one dump truck.

4. If we divide 25 by 5 then multiply it by 3 then we get 15.








Therefore, 3/5  × 25 = 15

5. If we divide 18 by 3 then multiply it by 1 then we get 6.

⇒1/3  × 18 = 6






Therefore, 6 candies he wanted to give his brother.

6. If we divide 40 by 4 then multiply it by 3, then we get 30.







Therefore, 3/4 × 40 = 30

7.                                              5 toffees

                              ↙   ↘

        8 toffees              -                  3 toffees

Therefore, 5 toffees are left.

8.                                              6 roses

                     ↙      ↘

                4 roses          +            2 roses

Therefore, they pluck 6 roses in all.

9. If we divide 15 by 3 then multiply 1 in it then we get 5.

Therefore, 1/3 × 15 = 5








10.                                       9 chocolates

              ↙         ↘

      3 chocolates           +              6 chocolates

Therefore, they bought 9 chocolates in total.

11.                                   3 apples

          ↙       ↘

        7 apples             -                    4 apples

Therefore, 3 apples are left.

12.                                     7 shirts

                                    ↙      ↘

      10 shirts             -             3 shirts

Therefore, 7 shirts are left.

13.                                  9 children

                                ↙        ↘

  15 children         -             6 children

Therefore, 9 children are left.

14.                                        2 marbles

                          ↙        ↘

          6 marbles            -              4 marbles

Therefore, 2 marbles are left in the box.

15. If we divide 30 by 2 then multiply it by 1 then we get 15.

Therefore, 1/2 × 30 = 15





Importance of Tape Diagram Worksheet for Students 

  • This topic creates a foundation for understanding the different problems that can be solved using a tape diagram. Teachers commonly use the tape diagram method to start the students with simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. 

  • Further along the lessons, they can move on to other important tricks such as fractions, whole numbers, ratios, etc. Using the tape diagram to teach the students is a fascinating and helpful option. That is one of the most important reasons why this topic is crucial for students. 

  • Using the tape diagram template, students can imagine the problems and questions in a new way. They will be able to convert the problems and retain the information more using the tape diagram method. Students will be able to perform common calculations with the help of these worksheets. 

  • Children will also be able to learn how to draw the tape diagram from scratch and solve the questions on the basis of the values that have been provided. This will help them complete the chapter in no time.

Benefits of Using Strip Diagram Worksheets in KG-3 

The following are some of the main benefits of including the tape diagram method for teaching the students about mathematical functions and processes.

  • The worksheets have been designed by experts at Vedantu in order to properly test the knowledge of KG-3 students. So, aside from providing knowledge about the method, the worksheets will also test their skills in solving problems with the tape diagram. 

  • The method has been explained using a simple way. Students will learn the different uses of a tape diagram and will understand how to solve questions on the basis of the diagram.

  • They will be taught how to draw the tape diagram by following all the instructions that have been provided by the experts. 

  • The questions and activities will make the process of learning fun and interesting for the students. They can practice using the Strip Diagram Worksheets and hone their skills in the calculation.

Understand How to Use Tape Diagram With Worksheets From Vedantu 

The Tape Diagram worksheet will help you complete the topic and study all the details faster before any exam. Understand the process and memorize all the concepts effectively by following all the important explanations that have been offered by the experts.

FAQs on Maths Worksheet for Kids- Tape Diagram

1. What is a tape diagram?

A Tape Diagram is also known as a bar model, and it is a bar that can be used to denote the numerical values and quantities to solve mathematical problems.

2. How can solving Tape Diagram worksheets help me?

Solving all the problems in the worksheets allows you to recall the studied concepts easily. You will get a better understanding of the different approaches that are followed by the experts to answer the questions correctly.

3. How can I practice with Tape diagram worksheets?

After downloading the worksheets for learning about Tape Diagrams, you need to solve the questions again and again to gain enough practice.

4. What is the use of learning the Tape diagram?

Learning the Tape Diagram method will help you come up with solutions to different problems. You can solve different Maths questions using this method.

5. Can I perform addition with the tape diagram?

Yes, you can perform addition with the use of tape diagrams. You need to assign the values to the tape to add them up and find the answer.