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Maths Worksheet for Kids- Calendar June 2022

Last updated date: 18th Apr 2024
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Maths Worksheet for Kids| Calendar June 2022 - Download Free PDF with Solutions

The worksheets for Calendar June 2022 have been offered at Vedantu for the students of Class KG-3. These reliable study materials will help children learn the dates, months, days, years, and more. Being able to tell the date and days of the month is important for the students. They can understand a lot from the dates, such as the days of the week, the current month, and much more. They will also be able to learn about the different days of the month. The worksheets will provide much-needed knowledge about the calendar and teach them a lot.

Students of KG-3 can download and refer to the worksheets to get a detailed understanding of all the days in the Month of June. Similarly, there are other details about the month of June offered by the experts at Vedantu. Learning the dates will help the students understand the total number of days in a year. They will learn a lot from Reading a Calendar Worksheet in the best way.

Access Worksheet for Maths KG-2 Calendar June 2022

Every year has 12 months, and June is one of them. In June, there are 30 days, and in a week, there are 7 days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Example: What is the day on 2nd June according to the calendar?

an image of calendar of June 2022

Answers: 2nd day of June is Thursday, according to the calendar.

Solve questions for more clarity.


1. Make a calendar of June 2022 with all the dates and days.

2. If 2nd of June is on Thursday, then what will be the next date and day of June?

3. What will be the day on 13th of June 2022?

4. What date is it on the 4th Sunday of June 2022?

5. What is the name of the next three months after June 2022?

6. What is the day on June 30th?

7. Write date of all 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays of June 2022?

8. If 22nd June is Wednesday, what will be the date and day 3 days after 22nd June 2022? 

9. Write all the days and date of June 2022 serial wise?

10. What was the date on 1st Sunday of June 2022?

11. What was the date on 3rd Friday of June 2022?

12. Write all of the dates of Thursday of, June 2022?

13. Write all the dates of Monday of June 2022?

14. If last Sunday of June 2022 was on 26th, then what was, be the date of last Tuesday of June 2022?

15. Write all the dates of Tuesday of, June 2022?


1. The calendar of June 2022 was:

an image of calendar of June 2022

an image of calendar of June 2022

2. If 2nd June was Thursday, then the next date will be 3rd June, and day will be Friday.

3. The day on June 13th was Monday, according to the calendar.

4. The date on the 4th Sunday of June 2022 was 26th June.

5. The next three months after June are July, August and September.

6. The day on June 30th was Thursday.

7. The date of all 4 Sundays and Saturdays are:

Sunday: 5th of June , 12th of June, 19th of June, 26th of June.

Saturday: 4th of June, 11th of June, 18th of June, 25th of June.

8. If 22nd of June is Wednesday, then after 3 days the date was 26th of June and the day was Sunday.

9. 1st of June was Wednesday, 2nd of June was Thursday, 3rd of June was Friday, 4th of June was Saturday, 5th of June was Sunday, 6th of June was Monday, 7th of June was Tuesday, 8th of June was Wednesday, 9th of June was Thursday, 10th of June was Friday, 11th of June was Saturday, 12th of June was Sunday, 13th of June was Monday, 14th of June was Tuesday, 15th of June was Wednesday, 16th of June was Thursday, 17th of June was Friday, 18th of June was Saturday, 19th of June was Sunday, 20th of June was Monday, 21st of June was Tuesday, 22nd of June was Wednesday, 23rd of June was Thursday, 24th of June was Friday, 25th of June was Saturday, 26th of June was Sunday, 27th of June was Monday, 28th of June was Tuesday, 29th of June was Wednesday and 30th of June was Thursday,

10. The 5th of June is the first Sunday of June.

11. 17th of June is the date of 3rd Friday of June 2022.

12. 2nd of June is first Thursday, 9th of June is second Thursday, 16th of June is third Thursday, 23rd of June is fourth Thursday, and 30th of June is fifth Thursday.

13. First Monday of June was on the 6th, the second Monday of June was the 13th, the third Monday of June was 20th, and the fourth Monday of June was the 27th.

14. Last Tuesday of June was 28th of June.

15. First Tuesday was on the 7th, the second Tuesday was on the 14th, the third Tuesday was on the 21st, and the fourth Tuesday was on the 28th.

Importance of Calendar June 2022 Worksheets For Students 

  • Calendars are something that we see in our everyday life. So, it is incredibly important for students to learn how to read a calendar properly. This is something that the Vedantu experts have managed to accomplish. 

  • Students have the worksheets of reading a calendar and can use them to answer questions about dates, months, years, and other important concepts. 

  • These worksheets contain important questions related to dates, days, months, seasons, and much more. Students of KG-3 will have a lot of help from these worksheets as they can learn to read the calendar efficiently. 

  • These worksheets are reliable study materials that students can add to their routine and practice understanding calendars properly.

Benefits of Calendar Worksheets for KG-3 Students 

  • The children of KG-3 will be greatly benefitted from the calendar worksheets. They can learn how to tell the date properly. 

  • There are other questions about seasons, days of the month and much more. Students can learn about the significance of calendars from these worksheets. 

  • You will find these worksheets to be completely reliable and accurate. There are solutions provided to the questions that the students can refer to. 

  • The worksheets have been designed to make the students' learning experience more interactive and fun. They will not only be able to learn about calendars but will have a lot of fun in the process. 

  • The concepts have been explained in a detailed and interesting manner by the experts at Vedantu. Thus, students will have no trouble retaining the information they learn from the worksheets. 

  • They can download the worksheets for free and access the information offline. Thus, students can gain information and knowledge no matter where they are.

Download the Calendar Worksheets Right Now and Have Fun With Dates

Practice reading a calendar and find resourceful information about the calendars from the worksheets at Vedantu. These worksheets will enable you to learn the topic more efficiently. Go ahead and download the worksheets for reading the calendar from Vedantu right now.

FAQs on Maths Worksheet for Kids- Calendar June 2022

1. What can students learn from the Calendar June 2022 worksheets?

Students will learn how many days there are in the month of June 2022. They will also learn the days that fall on specific days in the month.

2. If the 11th of June 2022 is a Saturday, what day will it be on the 15th?

The 15th of June 2022 will be a Wednesday, according to the June calendar of 2022.

3. How many days are there in the month of June?

As per the calendar of 2022, the month of June has a total of 30 days.

4. How can I practice the June calendar 2022 worksheets?

After you download the June Calendar 2022 worksheets from Vedantu, make sure that you practice the questions every single day. These worksheets will give students a lot of knowledge about the month of June.

5. Are the worksheets for calendar June 2022 completely free?

Yes, you don’t have to pay a single rupee to download the worksheets for the calendar of June 2022 since the materials are already free of cost.