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Basic Math Formulas

Last updated date: 24th May 2024
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The basic Mathematics formula is generally used in basic Math and which is not only used in academic books but also in our daily lives. In the primary class, we all learned about the general BODMAS rule. As one keeps on approaching the higher classes from six to ten one will come across the various Mathematics formulas based on various concepts such as algebra.

By practicing the questions and answers based on various formulas one can by heart each and every formula before appearing for the exams.

Some of the Other Concepts Which Have Formulas are Given Below:

  • Fractions

  • Percentage

  • Formula for proportion

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometric formulas and many more.

Basic Mathematics Formula

The basics of Math display how a Math problem can be solved with the help of some equations like the equation of forces, accelerations, or the work done. More importantly, they are used to provide Mathematical solutions for real-world problems in our day-to-day life.

There are many types of equations, and they are found in many areas of Math. But the techniques used to examine them differ according to their type. It can be as simple as the basic addition formula or can be complicated as integration of differentiation.

Basic Geometry Formulas

  • The perimeter of Square = P = 4a

Where ‘a’ is the length of the sides of square

  • Perimeter of Rectangle = P = 2(l + b)

Where ‘l’ is Length and ‘b’ is Breadth

  • The area of Square = A = a2

Where ‘a’ is the length of the sides of a Square

  • The area of Rectangle = A = l × b

here ‘l’ is Length and ‘b’ is breadth

  • Area of Triangle = A = ½ × b × h

Where ‘b’ is the base of the triangle and ‘h’ is the height of the triangle

  • Area of Trapezoid = A = ½ × (b1 + b2) × h

Where b1 and b2 are the bases of the Trapezoid; h = height of the Trapezoid

  • Area of Circle = A = π × r2

  • Circumference of Circle = A = 2πr

Where ‘r’ is the radius of a Circle

  • Surface Area of Cube = S = 6a2

Where ‘a’ is the length of the sides of the Cube

  • The curved surface area of Cylinder = 2πrh

  • The total surface area of Cylinder = 2πr(r + h)

  • The volume of Cylinder = V = πr2h

Where ‘r’ is the radius of the base of Cylinder and ‘h’ is height of Cylinder

  • The curved surface area of a cone = πrl

  • Total surface area of cone = πr(r + l) = πr[r + √(h2 + r2)]

  • Volume of a Cone = V = ⅓ × πr2h

Here, ‘r’ is the radius of the base of Cone and h = Height of the Cone

  • Surface Area of a Sphere = S = 4πr2

  • Volume of a Sphere = V = 4/3 × πr

Where, r = Radius of the Sphere

Basic Probability Formula

P(A) = n(A)/n(S)


  • P(A) is the probability of an event “A”.

  • n(A) is the number of favorable outcomes.

  • n(S) is the total number of events in the sample space.

Basic Arithmetic Formulas

  • Arithmetic mean (average) = Sum of values/Number of values.

Math formula, in the simplest of words, can be expressed as the expression that has been developed after the researchers studied a particular problem for years and years together. These Math formulae that are developed serve the purpose of getting the right answers within just minutes or even seconds. This allows for faster solving of Math problems and increases your speed and skills in solving these problems. Hence Vedantu provides a complete list of Basic Math Formulas that helps you understand the problems well.

These formulas also come in handy when you are preparing for your competitive examinations which allows you to solve the questions in just a matter of seconds. While it is easy to simply add or subtract equations when it comes to solving big Geometry or algebra problems it becomes too complicated if you do not use these Mathematical formulae.

Tips to Memorize the Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic:

There are more than hundreds of formulae that are involved in the life of a student even during their school life and hence remembering all of them can be a bit hard but here are some tips to memorize the Basic Math Formulas effectively:

  1. First, you need to understand the formulae and how it is derived

  2. Then you need to practice the formulae provided by applying them to various questions as provided in the Vedantu sample papers.

  3. Next, make revision sheets that help you take a glance before your exams.

FAQs on Basic Math Formulas

1. What is a Formula?

A formula is a fact or the rule that is written with all the mathematical symbols. It usually connects two or more than two quantities with an equal sign. When one knows the value of one quantity the one can also find the value of the other using the formula respectively.

2. Give Examples of Some Basic Math Formulas.

Some examples of the basic math formulas:

  • Perimeter of a rectangle = 2 (length + width)

  • Area of rectangle = length × width

  • The perimeter of a square = 4 × side length

  • Area of square =Side length × side length

  • The volume of cuboid = length × width × height

  • Profit = Selling price - cost price

  • Loss = Cost price - selling price

3. What is the Importance of Learning Basic Math Formulas?

Following are the reasons for which we need to know and learn the basic maths formulas:

  1. Basic Maths formulas help all the students to complete the syllabus in a unique do-learn-do pattern of study.

  2. It improves the score in Board Exams and Entrance Examinations.

  3. It makes complete Preparation easy on time.

4. Is it needed to memorize all the Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic for the exams or for solving Math problems?

Memorizing the Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic is one of the most important steps in order to solve the Math problems however this does not mean that you need to just mug up a lot of formulae just for the sake of applying them, instead you need to understand how each of the formulae works. This allows you to understand why it is necessary to apply a formula for one particular problem. Once an idea has been established regarding the formulae you can then proceed to memorize the formulae as it will be much easier then.

5. What is the importance of Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic provided via Vedantu for students?

Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic were created by Vedantu experts so that it helps students solve various Math problems with efficiency and accuracy. It also helps the students to reach solutions without having to first go through the initial step and then wasting a lot of time. The benefits of the same can be provided as follows:

  1. While revising the problems, the student will not be able to go through each and every question. Instead, a glance is only possible and hence for this purpose, it is easier for students to group the Math problems based on each formula.

  2. Those students who are attempting competitive exams tend to have only a limited time to solve the numerous problems provided. Some might take a lot of time while others are only little. To reduce the time to solve big problems, Math problems come in handy.

6. What are some of the Math applications of learning all these Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic?

The Math formulae that are learned are not only useful in just some of the questions in the subject but it has a wider range of applications and some of those can be given as follows:

Algebra: Algebraic equations are those that are needed not only in Algebra but also in computer applications where different analytical functions are to be used.

Calculus: In engineering, calculus plays an important role as it is used in various fields such as finding the rocket trajectory analysis or even material science.

Geometry: Architectures are created after proper solving and application of Geometry formulae. It also helps in various concepts such as terrain modeling, mechanical part designing. 

7. Is it necessary for a student to understand the concept behind how the Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic works and how to apply them?

Yes, it is very crucial for students to understand the concepts behind how the Math formulae work as it helps them to understand how the formulae were derived. This also allows the students to remember the formulae without having to mug up them. The steps make it possible for the students to understand why such a formula was created in the first place and how it helps them solve the problem. Understanding the formula and its concepts also allows the students to derive the formula even if they have forgotten the final equation.

8. How to apply the Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic learned on everyday life problems?

Daily life involves a lot of Math problems that need to be solved and understanding the Basic Math Formulas - Geometry, Probability, Arithmetic and applying them will help you solve the problems within just a matter of minutes hence reducing the time you need to think about the problem. Students will also be able to apply these concepts as well for example if there is a pizza being distributed and if you'd like to know how many people will how many slices you can divide them and check the number.