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Types of Resources

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Different Types of Resources Around Us

Every country has its own resources on which the entire population relies. These resources are either natural or manmade. The definition of resources is quite huge and broad. To narrow it down, you will find out that these two broad sections are being properly discussed in this section. You will clearly understand the types of resources India has and how they are utilized. This is a crucial part of geography that you will have to study elaborately. Read this article to understand the types of resources in geography easily.

Resources: What Do We Mean By it?

Resources are myriads of things that make our lives easier and better. The word covers a broad segment of utilities, things, animals, etc that help us to add convenience to our daily life. In fact, some of the resources are mandatory for our lifestyle. There are different types of resources we use every day to make our day easier. The value of a resource depends on its availability, use, and importance in our lives.

If you consider a few examples, you will understand how the value of these resources is generally determined. Metals are important for industries to manufacture different kinds of products. Hence, the value of different metals is determined by the industry, their availability, and the price of the utilities we make. On the other hand, there are some resources that we cannot put a price on. The economic value of these types of resources cannot be determined by their importance can be understood. For instance, the importance of rivers, glaciers, mountains, forests, wildlife, sea, etc can only be felt but not calculated.

In this section, we will learn two different segments of resources, natural and manmade. We will also understand how technology and time can convert something into a useful resource for the sustenance of civilizations and human life. If you consider the important historical inventions and discoveries, you will be able to explain the types of resources and how they emerged in our civilization. The uses developed for such resources over the years fixing the value we pay. If you consider an example here, fossil fuels are extracted from the deepest mines. These are nothing but the hydrocarbon remnants of the organisms embedded for millions of years and waiting to be discovered.

Natural Resources: A Brief Explanation

Everything you witness around you on this planet is natural and can be considered a natural resource. Let us explain the types of resources we see with proper examples.

1. Abiotic and Biotic Resources

Any life existing on earth no matter in what form is called an abiotic resource. It includes plants, animals, microbes, or anything that has life in it.

Abiotic resources are just the opposite. Every other thing present on this planet that does not have life is called an abiotic resource. Rocks, metal, water, etc are abiotic resources.

2. Renewable Resources and Non-Renewable Resources

The term ‘renewable’ means something that can be renewed or regained even if it is used. It means that this resource will not deplete on use. These resources and its types are called renewable resources. For example, wind, water, sunlight, forests, etc are renewable resources.

On the contrary, a resource that can only be used once and cannot be regained later is called non-renewable resources. This is one of the two types of resources that cannot be renewed after use. Hence, the meticulous use of these resources becomes mandatory. The examples you can consider here are fossil fuels, minerals, etc.

3. Developed, Stock, and Potential Resources

This is an excellent way to see the resources we use. The developed resources are something that we have found developed over a course of time and are being used now for the benefit of human civilization. This group of resources includes minerals, forests, fossil fuels, animals, plants, etc.

Stock resources are different types of resources in geography that are stored or stocked in nature and have immense potential. In this group, oxygen, hydrogen, and various other gases can be considered as stock resources. In a simpler way, the resources that we do not know of their potential are called stock resources.

4. Potential Resources

Wind energy and solar energy are called potential resources. The real use of these energy resources is yet to be harnessed.

Manmade Resources: A Concise Explanation

In this segment, the different types of resources humans have developed over the years are called manmade resources. These resources do not exist naturally rather can be considered as the output of technology and scientific development. The products developed using natural resources can be considered man-made such as solar cells, buildings, machinery, roads, bridges, weapons, equipment, medicines, etc. These resources can be built, rebuilt, remodelled, or made better.  We also have human resources that can be identified as intelligence, skills, and knowledge.

Resource Conservation: A Prime Concern

Now that you can name 5 types of resources, you can easily understand their importance in our lives. It is also necessary to conserve these resources and judicially use them so that our future generations can also use them for convenience. Resource depletion is a prime concern. Moreover, the man-made problems are also wrecking the only home we have as Planet Earth. We need to understand the importance of resources and their impact.

FAQs on Types of Resources

1. What are Resources and their Types?

Ans: Anything we see or use around us can be considered a resource. These resources can be broadly divided into natural and manmade segments.

2.  How Beneficial are Renewable Resources?

Ans: Whether it is energy or vegetation, renewable resources are the hope of the future. We must learn how to conserve the depleting ones and use renewable resources in a better way.

3.  What are Human Resources?

Ans: The different types of skills, the level of intelligence, and the vastness of knowledge we have can be coined as human resources. These do not fall in the types of resources in geography.