Heat of Fusion Formula

Heat of Fusion Formulas Physics - Examples & Practice Question

Heat of fusion also called specific latent heat of a substance is the amount of heat energy provided to one gram of substance change its state from a solid to a liquid keeping pressure constant.

For example, If we want to change ice to water, a specific amount of heat is required which will be dependent upon the heat of fusion of ice and amount of water present.

The Heat of fusion is denoted by Δl
The heat of fusion formula is given as
q = m·Δl
q is heat energy
m is mass
ΔHf is the heat of fusion
Find the amount of heat needed to melt 200gms of ice, if the heat of fusion of ice is 330 J/gm

Mass of ice(m) = 200gm
Heat of fusion(Δl) = 330 J/gm
Heat needed(q) = m.Δl
= 200 x 330
=66000J or 6.6 x 104 J.

Calculate the amount of ice that can be melted by providing a heat of 9900J, if heat of fusion of ice is 330 J/gm