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AP POLYCET Chemistry Question Paper 2018

Last updated date: 27th Feb 2024
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AP POLYCET 2018 Chemistry Question Paper PDF Download

At Vedantu, we believe that the more you practice, the better you perform in the exams. That’s why we have provided AP POLYCET Chemistry Question Paper 2018 PDF here so that you become thorough with the question paper pattern. Practicing AP POLYCET Chemistry Question Papers has many advantages. One of the most important factors these papers address is the management of time. We have seen that many students would have studied hard and learned the concepts well, but still struggle to finish answering the paper. Our highly qualified teachers have curated these  AP POLYCET Chemistry past years question papers and provided you in PDF format that are available for free download.

FAQs on AP POLYCET Chemistry Question Paper 2018

1. What was the level of AP POLYCET Chemistry 2018?

The State Board of Technical Education and Training administered the AP POLYCET 2018 on April 27, 2018. The level of difficulty was moderate. The exam has MCQs as its format. The 2018 AP POLYCET had 120 questions with a total of 60 points for mathematics, 30 points for physics, and 30 points for chemistry. Each accurate response received one mark. The erroneous responses received no deducted points.

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2. Who conducts the AP POLYCET exam?

SBTET, also referred to as The State Board of Technical Education and Training, Andhra Pradesh, is in charge of administering the POLYCET entrance exam and finishing the following steps. Due to the lesser qualification, this is a highly prevalent entrance exam in Andhra Pradesh. The entrance exam for Andhra Pradesh's Polytechnic Colleges is called the AP POLYCET CEEP.

3. Where can we find the previous year's question papers for AP POLYCET Chemistry 2018?

From Vedantu, students may get the AP POLYCET Exam Papers, which are helpful for preparation. Additionally, the applicants can use our website to get the most recent information about the AP POLYCET Question Papers. The applicants can acquire a general concept of the AP POLYCET Exam Pattern by consulting this article. The information on the AP POLYCET Exam Pattern is available on the site. The chemistry test carries 120 marks.

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4. What is the exam pattern of AP POLYCET CHEMISTRY 2018?

The POLYCET exam (which will last two hours) will only include one paper.

  • Examination Mode: Offline

  • Questions of the MCQ variety

  • 120 questions were asked.

There are 120 questions on the test, each with a list of four possible answers, only one of which is the right one.


50 marks


40 marks 


30 marks

5. What is the importance of solving AP POLYCET’S question papers?

The question papers from the previous year's AP POLYCET will assist the candidates in evaluating their performance and identifying their strengths and shortcomings. They must put up more effort. The previous year's AP POLYCET question paper will give the prospective applicant an idea of the question paper's layout and organization. Candidates can develop their time management abilities and increase the effectiveness of their attempts by regularly practicing answering questions from the AP POLYCET previous year's exam paper.

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