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6 Interesting House Work Games for Kids with Fun

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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House Work Games for Kids

If you want your child to help you with the household chores or want them to clean up their bedroom, then you encourage them to do it with fun. One way to ease the household chores for kids is to turn them into interesting games. If you have more than one child, then you can make these games more exciting and competitive in nature for kids. Check out 6 enjoyable household chore games for kids to do when they are stuck inside the home.

6 Fun Household Games For Kids

Here is the list of 6 fun household games to encourage your child to help you with different household chores.

1. The Cleaning Speed Game

If you have more than one child, then you can add a timer and ask your children to perform a cleaning task and you note the time while they perform. You can ask your children to perform this cleaning or tidying game weekly. Also, with this game siblings can compete with each other. You can even create a scoreboard with different funny stickers or you can reward them. 

2. Cleaning Games with Robot

To encourage them to clean their bedrooms, you can create directions based on simple computer codes like walk backward, walk forward, turn left, turn right, turn around, drop toys, etc. With this, your child will not only enjoy being a robot but also end up cleaning his/her room. Also, this will help your child to develop programming skills.

3. Scratch-Off Chore Chart

You can encourage your child to perform different household chores by creating scratch-off chore charts.  Write down different household chores your child can do in each scratch box.  So, whenever your child feels like scratching a box and doing work, he will scratch and perform the work which is mentioned in the scratch box. The different household chores you can mention in the scratch box include cleaning light switches, wiping off the front of the fridge, doorknobs, oven, or dishwasher, cleaning cupboard shelves, arranging clothes on shelves, etc. 

4. The Toy Sweeping Game

The kids’ room in the house is the messiest room as the toys are almost found strewn across the floor. The main aim behind this game is to encourage your children to pick up all their toys from all over their house and put them in the given storage bin. Assign them a time limit and start a stopwatch. You can shout out as the time passes by to make them know how much time is left, while they run up to clean their room. This will increase the excitement of the game. 

5. Cleaning Activity to Teach Numbers

If your child is learning to count numbers, then this cleaning game is perfect for them. Use interesting cleaning activities to teach numbers. Choose any number, say four, then ask your child to arrange their four clothes in a cupboard or pick four toys lying on the floor. This cleaning game will not help your child to clean up the mess of their room, but also help them to learn numbers.

6. Escape Room Cleaning

If you have more one than one child, give each child a separate room to clean. Set a time according to the complexity level of each room. Your kids will race against the clock to get their individual rooms cleaned perfectly. You can also make a list of punishments if the targeted work is not completed on time. This fun game will make your children enjoy while cleaning the room. Also, make sure that children do not stuff toys behind the curtains 


Hope you found this article informative and interesting. So, if you think your child is not taking active part in household chores, or not willing to take his/her own responsibility, then it's time to encourage your child to help you in different household chores with these amazing and interesting activities. 

FAQs on 6 Interesting House Work Games for Kids with Fun

1. Is it important for kids to do household work?

Yes, it is important for kids to do household work as it keeps them energetic and helps them learn to take their own responsibility. It also encourages them to keep themselves, and the family happy and healthy. 

2. How do household chores teach discipline to kids?

Asking your kids to help you around not only makes your life easier but also makes them a better human in life. Household chores encourage kids to be more  responsible, soft-hearted, and hardworking as they embrace adulthood.