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Sales Promotion and Publicity

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Introduction to Sales Promotion and Publicity

Sales Promotion and Publicity is one of the main criteria in a business. A business makes the consumers aware of their goods and services offered by them. They also make the consumers acknowledge the beneficial needs that they can satisfy by using their goods or services.

Without Sales Promotion and Publicity a business will not find potential customers nor they can expand their customer segment. Publicity and Promotion is a hot topic and resourceful study in today’s economic market, hence we detail knowledge on this sector as well. 

Sales Promotion Definition

Sales promotion done by a business means simply persuading the potential customer to avail their products or services. Sales promotion, though a short-term tactic to attract the consumers and boost their sales yet it is a mandatory one. For long-term tactics, a business might use Customer Relation Management as a strategy. 

Sales Promotions are targeted both at the consumers and also at the distributaries or intermediaries like the wholesaler, retailer or agents who help their product to reach the customers. While taking the decision about the Sales promotion campaign, a business need to make sure:

  1. What is the cost of the sales promotion that is going to be incurred by the business? This is to be answered as they need to know whether the investment is worth the return from the sales promotion.

  2. Second is, the business should take note of this that the business does not merely perform the sales promotion strategy, they also need to check whether the sales promotion strategy is in sync with the brand image or not. They should need to analyze its heavy discounts and premium price rise.   

  3. Lastly, they should overview whether the sales promotion will be able to attract the consumers after their campaign is done. 


Publicity is the public visibility or the public awareness for any product or service that is offered by the business. It is the flow down of the product related information from the business to the local customers. Publicity includes general public, goods and services, and other important sectors. 

There is a difference between a publicist and a PR. Publicist is someone who does publicity for the business while PR or Public Relations is a strategy that helps an organization to maintain communication with the public. This can be done either internally or with the help of the media. Publicity ranks as an important component in a marketing perspective. The other elements include the promotional mix. Organizations will also design the media coverage to attract the public positively, which is known as publicity stunts.  

Consumer Sales Promotion

The marketing technique that tempts the customers to purchase a product of their business is known as Sales Promotion. These kinds of promotions last for a destined time period which is used to achieve a specific goal or purpose. Unveiling a new product or even increasing their market share the ‘Consumer Sales Promotion’ strategy is used. Various kinds of promotional techniques are used by product manufacturers and sellers. 

One of those is – Providing free samples. This technique is generally used when the business introduces a product in the market. Free samples of the product are given to the consumers to make them taste or test their features. Sampling is also used as a part of a large marketing campaign. 

Offering a Free Trial, in this promotional campaign, consumers are offered a free trial. Based on this trial the consumers decide to continue to avail their products or services or not. This campaign is mostly common in television infomercials where the customer is allowed a 30-day free trial during this time he needs to decide about further buying the product or not.

Free gift, these entice the customers to buy the product in interest of the free gifts gifted to them which are in the package. This also serves as a visual attraction which might draw willingness to buy the product.

Sales Promotion Examples

Sales Promotion is a technique to attract the customers about the sale of their product. 

Few Common Examples of Sales Promotion Are As Follows

  1. Flash sales

  2. The buy one, get one free offer.

  3. Coupons or Discounts

  4. Giveaways or Free Samples.

  5. Recurring sales.

  6. Tripwires

  7. Limited time offers.

All these promotional techniques will help the business to grow and get all the customers in their zone. A business is always keen in expanding their territory, and this will happen when they capture a larger market share which means when they are able to persuade a lot of customers to buy their products, they can achieve this goal.

The Promotional Techniques and Sales promotional Ideas thus helps a business to get their customers. Also, vice versa the customers get to know about the goods offered through this sales promotion done.

FAQs on Sales Promotion and Publicity

1. What is the implement of this learning?

Sales promotional techniques should be known to the marketing level. Students attempting to score their career in the marketing sector studies these techniques and other high graded techniques they need to practice. The education here will be used in further business life which will help them to know the techniques before-hand.

2. Does a business go along a long distance with this sales promotion?

Honestly, the answer is no. At the end, a customer’s satisfaction matters. If the customer is satisfied by using this commodity, he will continue to purchase it. These sales promotions only introduce a customer to the new product; sticking to the product will be possible only if the product is worth enough.

3. What is Promotional Mix?

Promotional mix is a strategy used by the business to capture and retain their customers not only for a short while but for a longer period. The promotional mix consists of - Advertising, Sales promotion, Personal Selling, Public Relations and Direct Marketing. 

4. What is Customer Relation Management?

CRM is the abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management. This allows accompanists to interact with their past, present or future prospective customers. A relation is formed between the customers and the business. The customers are made to feel one with the business, so that they always stick to the company. Trustworthiness is created through this CRM.