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Precis Writing Procedure

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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Importance of Precis Writing

A Precis is a summary of a story. The gist of the passage is written in as few words as possible. The reader should understand the idea expressed in the first reading by only reading the Precis. So it should have all the essential points. It is an exercise of comprehension. It must always be shorter than the original passage. Many people read carelessly and fail to understand the meaning of the passage for Precis Writing. So, it helps them to pay attention to the reading as no one writes a Precis without reading it carefully. 


Summarizing teaches one to read with concentration. It improves the overall Writing skills too. It allows one to express their thoughts clearly, concisely, and effectively. You learn to choose your words carefully and in a logical manner. 


In this article, students will be learning about what is Precis Writing, the Importance of Precis Writing, Writing Precis, Steps for Precis Writing, Features of a Good Precis, Dos and Don’ts for Precis Writing, Characteristics of Precis Elements of Precis along with respective examples.

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Writing Precis

The Precis Writing format has some essential points that you should take care of while writing it. The main important point for Writing a Precis is that you should read the passage carefully. Reading helps you to understand the gist of the passage and write it down more concisely. The main message and theme of the passage should be conveyed through your Precis. 


Also, it is essential to note down that the general idea of the passage for Precis Writing should not be forgotten. The key points should be written in the Precis. The language of the Precis should be focused on. Precis Writing has no fixed pattern. However, we need to follow a particular procedure for the Precis to be more effective. The right diction will help you write a good Precis. 


Dos and Don’ts for Precis Writing


  • Do start with the main idea of the Precis so that the readers can quickly grasp the base of the Precis.

  • Pick out all the insignificant information in the passage and remove them from your Precis.

  • Create a proper environment in order to incorporate all the important points

  • It is important to mention the objective of Writing the Precis.

  • Write the Precis in the original flow of the writer to ensure that the message of Precis Writing should be clear.

  • Add the relevant keywords and keep a check on the word count.

  • Be sure to mention any historical fact in the past tense. 


  • Do not use abbreviations or short forms. Only use full forms while Writing Precis

  • Be sure not to insert any facts taken from the internet. Incorporate the only facts given in the passage.

  • Do not ask questions while Writing Precis. If it is imperative, you can cover it in the form of a sentence.

  • Be sure not to revolve around the same content, The Writing flow should not be jerky. It implies that you are not confident with your content.

  • Don't keep the Precis too long because it is a summary. It should be short, crisp, and to the point.

Steps for Precis Writing

  • Start reading the paragraph carefully before Writing the Precis. It is essential to understand the central theme of the passage. After identifying the idea, incorporate it in the required manner.

  • The word count is another important factor for a good Precis. Check whether the total number of words is given or not. If not, then count the number of words. Generally, it should be one-third of the total words given in your passage.

  • You should be clear about the theme or idea of the passage for Precis Writing. If you do not understand the theme, read the passage a couple of times, before starting to write your Precis. Make sure you are clear about the idea.

  • While reading, note down the points or highlight them. Try to find the points that are irrelevant to your Precis.

  • The heading of your Precis is critical. It should give a brief idea of the passage given. So, choose your title, wisely.

  • The Precis should be arranged in a manner so that the reader understands the gist quickly. Logically organize your sentences and write them in reported speech.

  • For an official Precis, you are required to provide titles and designations instead of names. If there is no information provided, then write a personal name. Make sure to follow the same throughout your Precis.

  •  Before submitting, read it carefully for mistakes. As it is already in a short manner, there should be a minimal error.

  • At the end mention in a bracket the number of words of your Precis.

Elements of Precis

The following are the key elements of a Precis:

Clarity: A Precis is actually a summary of the story, hence a reader should clearly understand what the story is about. Your Precis should be easy for readers to understand.

Correctness: Always take care of punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure mistakes while Writing a Precis. Be sure to double-check all of the dates, addresses, facts, and figures that were used in the original passage.

Objectivity: Be objective while Writing a Precise. You should only talk about facts in your Precis. Do not try to give your opinions and views.

Conciseness: Always be concise while Writing a summary of a story. A writer should avoid repeating things and using unnecessary words.

Coherence: Your piece of Precis should make sense. You can say what you want to say, but it should be presented clearly. Readers should not get lost or confused while reading your Precis. Use effective words that help readers understand better.


Features of a Good Precis

  • A good Precis must have clarity, brevity, and Precision.

  • It should not be just Writing the sentences directly from the passage for Precis Writing. It should be written in your own words.

  • It is a miniature version of the given passage.

  • The Precis should be well-knit and well connected.

  • It would be best if you used linking words like so, therefore, and, because, further, etc.

  • It must have a good title.

  • Must have coherence and follow the order of the original extract.

  • It must contain only the information given in the passage of Precis Writing.


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Characteristics of Precis

The following are some of the primary Characteristics of Precis.

  • A Precis is usually short and to the point, as compared to the original passage 

  • It is an ideal demonstration of content in the original passage.

  • Precis filters out supporting ideas, supplementary details, and illustrations of the original passage.

  • It is written from the point of view of the original authors of the content

  • Indirect speech is usually used in Precis Writing

  • Third-person pronouns are mostly preferred in Precis Writing.

What a Precis is Not?

  • It should not be just a summary or abstract of the passage given.

  • It must not have disconnected facts and statements.

  • You cannot write your own opinion in your Precis.

  • It should not contain any questions.

Solved Examples

Given below is a common question on Precis Writing.

1. What are Precis Writing examples?

Ans: It is Writing the gist of a passage. It is supposed to convey the summary of the passage without changing the idea or theme with the use of minimal words.


Did You Know? 

There is no specific length for Precis Writing. It is usually mentioned in the question for Precis Writing examples. If the word count is not given, you can write any number of words you wish. Never forget the main idea for Precis Writing examples is to summarize the passage given. So, it is better to use one-fourth of the length of the given passage.

FAQs on Precis Writing Procedure

1. What is a critical Precis?

A critical Precis is a style of writing, which contains the summary of a piece of passage. In other words, it summarizes the content of the reading, including the main ideas, arguments, and abstractions. It shortens the passage into a fraction of its original length. It is also sometimes identified as rhetorical Precis. It must have an introduction that should contain the text of work similar to a lead essay paragraph. The body of the Precis should be the explanation of the key ideas which should demonstrate the importance of the text, giving examples of how the author supports the Writing. In conclusion, it should summarize in brief the central theme and significance of the author’s connections to the audience.

2. What are the rules for Writing a good Precis?

The rules for writing a good precis are as follows.

  • The central theme of the passage should be clear. While reading the passage, find out the main points and unnecessary points. These are the essential parts of a brief and clear presentation of precis.

  • The original sentences should not be used while precis writing examples. It is a re-modeling of sentences without hampering the main information.

  • The language and words used for precis paragraph format show the intelligence of the writer. It would help if you did not use any words or phrases from the original passage.

  • In precis writing, you cannot give any personal comments or opinions regarding the original passage given.

3. Are Precis and summary the same?

A Precis is a brief form that should have one-third of the total words present in the original text with a title, whereas a summary is a short statement that covers the main points of a text concisely. A Precis is different from a summary because the summary contains the main events of the content on a broader view, whereas a Precis deeply focuses on every detail contained in the text. Precis is always presented in a written form, whereas a summary can be presented in both written and spoken form. In Precis, only the essential ideas are written, whereas in summary, all the main points are highlighted. The order of the original text is not an important factor for summary, but it is very essential in Precis Writing. 

4. How can I study the Precis Writing Procedure?

Vedantu has provided here a detailed explanation of Precis Writing Procedure including Importance of Precis Writing, Writing Precis, Steps for Precis Writing, Features of a Good Precis, Solved Examples, and frequently asked questions related to Precis Writing Procedure. Vedantu’s detailed brief of the Precis Writing Procedure is accumulated by a panel of highly experienced subject matter experts after analyzing the English curriculum and guidelines. This utmost Precision in preparing this explanation of Precis Writing Procedure by Vedantu will ultimately lead to maximum marks in class 12 maths board examinations.

5. What is the format of Precis Writing?

Precis Writing is very similar to an essay. It includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction consists of information about:

  • The author

  • Title

  • Publishing date within parenthesis

  • A verb to represent the thesis

  • The thesis statement

Body: The body content of the Precis has separate paragraphs dedicated to each section of the original passage where you can present the thoughts, ideas, and purpose of the original author. Do not forget that you can’t give your own opinion or interpretation while Writing Precis. Alternatively, your focus must be on analyzing the author’s take on the main idea or issue.