Official Communication

Explanation of Official Communication

In the simplest terms communication means the exchange of thought and ideas between two or more people. And almost all living beings do it in one way or the other. While the communication of animals and birds is limited to very few things, the communication of human beings is kind of endless. That is to say, a human can literally think about anything, and also, they can communicate the same with others. And all this communication is possible because humans have language, it is one of the most powerful tools.

But only learning the language does not make you good at communicating your thoughts and ideas, you need to learn communication, you need to learn how to communicate with others so that your ideas get clear to others as well. There are types of communication, such as everyday communication and official communication. In our day-to-day life, we communicate simple things all the time with others, and this communication is, for the most part, formal, and it can be regarded as everyday communication. But then there is one other important type of communication, which is formal, and official, and hence, regarded as the official communication.

So, for the students of commerce, learning the official communication is very important, because good and effective communication is at the core of every good corporation. And hence, Vedantu provides a complete explanation on the topic of Official Communication, its types, and examples as well.

The Meaning of Official Communication

As said earlier, communication in general means the process of exchange of thoughts and ideas between two or more people, and when the same thing happens at the official level then it becomes official communication. That is to say, the communication which takes place in the official or the corporate or the business sphere is regarded as the official communication. In an even simpler manner, we can say that the exchange of thoughts and ideas between the officials and its subordinate, between the business partners is regarded as the official communication.

While having this type of communication, that is to say, while having official communication, there are a set of rules which you have to follow. Like how to address your superior or your subordinate etc. Also, many organisations prepare their own set of communication rules which one has to always follow. And also, official communication takes a different form according to the hierarchy of the organisation, and it is necessary for everyone to maintain this hierarchy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Actual Difference Between Formal Communication and Informal Communication?

Formal Communication is the type of communication present in a work environment or organization where information is passed through pre-existing channels of hierarchy throughout the organization. This type of communication follows specific rules and regulations. It is considered to be disrespectful to break the chain of hierarchy or communication to spread data or information. It is crucial to follow these rules to maintain a healthy work environment.

Informal Communication refers to the type of communication which exists in an organization. This flow of information in this type of communication does not require following any predetermined set of channels. There is a random spread of information among all. It has no relation or dependence on the official hierarchy.

2. How Should I Write Formal or Official Emails?

An average person working in the office receives around a hundred emails daily. Due to a huge amount of workload, some emails get overlooked easily. It is advised to follow a few basic outlines which will help to make your email noticeable and easy to follow.

  • It is crucial to keep the email brief and to the point. No one has time to spare in a stressful work environment. It is best if you think of the most critical points that you want to communicate and write those in the order of their importance. 

  • The subject lines are a great way of showing the importance of your email. Write a subject line that briefly outlines the information you want to share.

3. Is it necessary for me to learn official communication?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary for you to learn official communication. As a matter of fact, learning official communication is not only important for commerce students but for everyone. Because in the modern world, official or formal communication is just as important as informal communication. In the business or corporate world, everything is run on the idea and the proper organisation. Hence, you need to communicate your ideas with others, so that they can easily understand and comprehend them, and also, they can see your visions and can work effectively towards the achievement of the same.

4. Where can I find a good explanation of the official communication, that also explains the type of it as well?

If you are looking for a good explanation of the official communication, along with its types, then you have already arrived at the right place. Because Vedantu provides the meaning of official communication in such a manner that you can easily understand and comprehend it. Along with its definition and types, Vedantu also provides the students with examples of the same, and hence students can easily understand the implementations of the theory of the official communication in a practical way, by analysing the examples, and hence Vedantu helps the students in mastering the official communication in practical manner as well

5. Why should I refer to the explanation that Vedantu provides for the topic of official communication and its types?

The explanation that Vedantu provides for the topic of Official communication and its types is prepared by the expert educators and hence there is a guarantee of quality in this explanation. Furthermore, our teachers are themselves the master when it comes to communication, and the same is reflected in this explanation, which is completely easy to understand, precise, concise, and to the point. Also, the complete explanation for the topic of the Official communication and its types is free to download for all the students, and hence a maximum number of commerce students can take advantage of this explanation of official communication.