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CBSE Class 5 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 18 Chunauti Himalaya Ki - PDF


CBSE Class 5 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 18 Chunauti Himalaya Ki - Download Free PDF

Chunauti Himalaya Ki is an adventurous travel story of Jawaharlal Nehru, written by travel writer Surekha Panandikar. According to this narration, when Jawaharlal Nehru reached Matayan, a young porter told him that there is the cave of Amarnath behind the snow-covered mountain. 

Hearing about the difficulties to reach that place, Jawaharlal Became very eager for the journey. The porter, Kishan, and his daughter accompany him on his adventurous journey to Amarnath cave. 

Jawaharlal Ji started his journey early in the morning. The cold wind was bone-chilling. Jawaharlal Nehru started his journey by accepting the bone-chilling cold and challenging ranges of the Himalayas. The shepherd Kishan became his guide through this adventurous journey. 

The roads were deserted and seemed too difficult to climb. There were snow-covered rocky cliffs everywhere. It was difficult to breathe properly at that high altitude. The porter’s nose started to bleed and Jawaharlal Ji took care of him. When it started snowing it was more difficult for them to walk as the roads became more slippery. 

They came to about sixteen thousand feet high climbing from 4 o’clock in the morning to 12 o’clock that day. Still, they were far from the cave of Amarnath. Seeing the deadliest environment there, the porter advised Jawaharlal to return, but Jawaharlal Ji was very enthusiastic to reach the Amarnath cave. So they went on towards their destination. 

In their climbing, they found many potholes and trenches covered by icy layers. Sometimes the climb was very difficult, and sometimes the feet slipped, but Jawaharlal Ji seemed to enjoy it. But suddenly he fell into an ice-covered trench and rope was his only support. With the help of his company, he survived and came out from the trench. This incident also couldn’t fade his enthusiasm to reach his destination. But they came near a deep and wide trench and they didn’t have any equipment to cross that trench. So, Jawaharalal Ji had to return from there and his journey to the Amarnath cave remained incomplete.

CBSE Class 5 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 18 Chunauti Himalaya Ki - PDF will be uploaded soon

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Benefits of Chunauti Himalaya Ki Worksheet

The Chunauti Himalaya Ki is a very interesting story of the adventurous journey of Jawaharlal Nehru Ji to the Amarnath Cave. The story shows the difficulties and deadly climbing routes of Himalayan ranges that make the reader feel thrilled. 

The Chunauti Himalaya Ki worksheet is a full guide to understanding and practising the Chunauti Himalaya Ki Class 5 story. The worksheet has provided the Chunauti Himalaya Ki question answer by giving as much descriptive information as possible. 

Examples of Chunauti Himalaya Ki Worksheet

Here are some of the Chunauti Himalaya Ki questions and answers:

1. Write about your experience of any of your short or long journeys. 

Ans: Once I went to ‘Siuli gram’ which is amidst the hill of the Himalayan ranges. The small village is situated on the border side of West Bengal and Sikkim. We were staying at Rishop, a hilly village in Kalimpong. One morning my cousins and I went trekking without any plan. We went down the hill through the jungle and hilly roads and steps of the mountain. On the way, we found several unknown flowers and mountain kids who were very sweet and kind to us, showing us the safest routes for trekking. Finally after walking for 20 minutes, we reached Siuli gram which was a nice and beautiful village.

2. Name some of the challenging tasks that you would love to do.

Ans: Some of the challenging tasks I would love to do are listed below:

  • Learn swimming to get over my fear of water.

  • Swim in a river.

  • Come first in my school exam.

What does the Chunauti Himalaya Ki PDF Consist of?

  • The PDF has a great translation of the Chunauti Himalaya Ki story in English and also gives Chunauti Himalaya ki solutions within it in detail using several Hinglish terms.

  • The summary given in the PDF is very helpful to understand the story in short. Students can refer to the Chunauti Himalaya Ki summary before practising the Chunauti Himalaya ki question answer.  

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FAQs on CBSE Class 5 Hindi Worksheet Chapter 18 Chunauti Himalaya Ki - PDF

1. Why Jawaharlal Ji, Kishan, and the coolie are all tied with a rope while climbing the Himalayan ranges?

Jawaharlal Ji, Kishan, and the coolie all are tied with a rope so that if one of them falls into the trench or any potholes others can hold him with the help of the rope.

2. Why did Jawaharlal Ji’s journey to Amarnath cave remain incomplete?

Jawaharlal Ji’s journey to Amarnath cave remains incomplete as he and his companions found a deep and wide trench which couldn’t be crossed without proper equipment. 

3. Jawaharlal Ji faced several difficulties while climbing the Himalayan ranges. Why do people do mountaineering?

People do mountaineering as it is fun and a passion for them. Mountaineering is many people’s hobby as it is adventurous and there are many chances to explore the beauty of nature through mountaineering.