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CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Who Will Be Ningthou? - PDF

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Who Will Be Ningthou? - Download Free PDF

The story “Who Will be Ningthou?” is about a ningthou (king) and a leima (queen), who were the rulers of Kangleipak in Manipur. They loved all their kingdom's people, animals, trees, and birds. They had three sons- Sanajaoba, Sanayaima, and Sanatomba, and one daughter named Sanatombi.

When their three sons grew up, they were given a task to decide who would be the “Tunggi Ningthou” or future king of their kingdom. However, the three sons disappointed the king by showing only their power and forgot to show love and empathy for others. Though the king first decided to choose his kingdom’s heir among his three sons, he later decided to make his daughter the heir of Kangleipak because, Sanatombi- his daughter, showed love and empathy for the trees, birds, and animals which should be the most essential quality of a ruler. 

The story Who Will Be Ningthou? is great learning for kids that teaches about the right qualities of a ruler. An ideal ruler should love his people as well as the trees, birds, and other animals also. He should be empathetic towards every creature and make his kingdom a better place for everyone.

Access Worksheet for English Class 5 Chapter 10 - Who will be Ningthou?

1. Where did the Ningthou and Leima rule in Manipur?

2. Why did the Kangleipak people cherish their king and queen?

King and Queen

King and Queen

3. For what purpose did the Ningthou choose a future monarch or queen?

4. How did the king intend to choose their next ruler?

5. What kind of youngster was Sanatombi?

6. Have you ever witnessed a bird or an animal suffering? How did you act?

7. Where on the Indian map is Manipur located?

8. Who was chosen as the new queen and why?

9. Describe the following meanings in English:

  1. Tunggi Ningthou:

  2. Thouro! Thouro!:

  3. Phajei! Phajei!:

  4. Shagol thauba nupa!:

10. Draw a circle around any action words that end in "-ed" after attentively reading the lesson. Following that, list them in one column and their current form in another. One is finished for you.

11. List the action words that are used in this story.

12. Who do you think should have been made the future king?

13. Which language is spoken by the people of Manipur?

  1.  Assamese

  2.  Bhojpuri

  3. Migo

  4. Manipuri.

People of Manipur

People of Manipur

14. True and False:

  1. Regarding their meeyam, the Ningthou and Leima showed no worry.

  2. Ningthou and Leima were not loved by the people.

  3. Sanatombi can sense the suffering of people, animals, and even plants.

  4. The king and queen had Four sons and 2 daughters.

  5. Sanajaoba was the name of the older son of the king and queen.

15. Fill in the blanks:

  1. The king and the queen had ___sons and ___daughter.

  2. Their daughter, Sanatombi was born ___years later.

  3. The king wanted to select their future king through a contest, a____race.

  4. The king and queens elder son’s name was____.

16. How was Sanatombi's nature?



17. The birds were flapping around the tree; why?



18. What was the situation of the competition?

19. Who is the author of Who Will Be Ningthou?

Answers to the Worksheet:

1. In Manipur, the Ningthou and Leima controlled and ruled Kangleipak.

2. Because they always wished for their king and queen to be content and live in peace, the people of Kangleipak loved them.

3. Ningthou old. He, therefore, wanted to select a future ruler.

4. The king intended to choose their next ruler by holding a competition to see who was most deserving of being a true leader.

5. The daughter of Ningthou and Leima, Sanatombi, was gentle, lovely, and gorgeous on the inside.

6. I once observed a cat crawl underneath a moving vehicle. The car's driver hit a cat because he was rushing. He didn't even give it his full attention. When I saw the cat suffering, I became really upset. I took the hurt cat home after going there. arrived at my residence and provided first aid. Only after receiving first aid did he stop sobbing.

7. Northeastern India is where Manipur is located.

8. No one should be chosen to be the next king because they solely value strength, which isn't necessarily a desirable thing. A future king ought to exercise discretion and consideration. Sanatombi was chosen to be the next queen because she possessed all the traits of an effective leader. She didn't think anyone should be harmed, not even trees.


  1. Tunggi Ningthou – Future King

  2. Thouro! Thouro! – Bravo! Bravo!

  3. Phajei! Phajei! – Wonderful! Wonderful!

  4. Shagol thauba nupa! – Such fine horsemen.


-ed Action Words

Irregular Action Words















11. Action words with -ed at the end

admitted, reached, urged, stopped

Action words in present form

admit, reach, urge, stop

12. No one should be chosen as the future king because they are only interested in displaying their strength, which is not always a good thing. A future king must be wise and considerate.

13. Manipuri.


  1. False

  2. False

  3. True

  4. False

  5. True


  1. Three, One

  2. Twelve

  3. Horse 

  4. Sanajaoba

16. Sanatombi was a sweet youngster on the inside, soft and gorgeous. and everybody adored her.

17. Due to the contest, the tree was dead on the throne. The birds were doing this as they flew about looking for their homes in the tree.

18. The rules of the competition said that the winner would be the person who arrived at the Khongnang, or banyan tree, first.

19. Indira Mukherjee is the name of the author of Who Will Be Ningthou?

Benefits of Learning Class 5 English Chapter 2 Who Will Be Ningthou?

The story Who Will Be Ningthou? is a very beautiful story that teaches kids about the need for empathy, love, and respect. It tells us that it is not enough to love people around you, but the love and empathy for trees, birds, and animals are also important for being a good human being and having these qualities, one can be a leader. 

The worksheet for Who Will Be Ningthou? is a very crucial part of story learning. The questions and tasks have covered all the important parts of the story with easy-to-remember answers. 

Examples of Class 5 English Chapter Who Will Be Ningthou Worksheets?

Who Will be Ningthou Class 5 Question Answers

Some of the important questions from the story Who Will Be Ningthou? are: 

1. Where is Manipur situated of India?

Ans: Manipur is situated in the northeast region of India.

2. Manipuri people speak the ……………. language.

Ans: Manipuri people speak the Manipuri language.

3. Who was made the “Tunggi Ningthou” or future king of the kingdom, and give the reasons behind this decision?

Ans: Sanatombi, the king’s daughter, was made the “Tunggi Ningthou”, or future king of the kingdom, as she was empathetic towards animals, birds, and trees which is an essential quality of an ideal ruler. 

What Does “Who Will be The Ningthou” PDF Consist of?

  • The story Who Will Be Ningthou? is easy to understand and has several Manipuri terms that students of class 5 need to remember. The worksheet of Who Will Be Ningthou? with answers will give all the students the opportunity to practice the terms after they read the story.

  • The Vedantu’s worksheet also gave a number of examples of different types of exclamatory sounds. 

All the chapters of the NCERT class 5 English Marigold textbook are explained in Vedantu’s free study resources. These resources are easily available for every student on Vedantu’s website.

FAQs on CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 2 Who Will Be Ningthou? - PDF

1. Where did Ningthou and Leima rule?

The Ningthou and Leima ruled in Kangleipak, Manipur.

2. Why did all the Kangleipak people love Ningthou and Leima?

The Ningthou and Leima of Kangleipak were very kind, and they always thought not only about their people but also about the trees, birds, and animals of their kingdom. 

3. Why did the king decide to choose the future king?

Ningthou used to believe that it was not right to give the power of the throne to the oldest child, which had been practised for a long time. The future king of his kingdom needs to have some qualities of a ruler. The future king needs to achieve the throne not by any opportunity of being the eldest brother but by his own capabilities.

4. How did the selection of the future king conducted?

The king wanted to select the future king among his three sons by organizing a horse race. 

5. What kind of child was sanatombi?

Sanatombi was the youngest child of the ningthou. She was a little princess who had a heart full of kindness, love, and empathy for trees, birds, and animals.