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CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 7 Gulliver’s Travels - PDF

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 7 Gulliver’s Travels - Download Free PDF

The Gulliver’s Travel Class 5 Story is taken from the popular book “Gulliver’s Travels” which contains four voyages of Gulliver. But Gulliver’s Travel Class 5 Story is his second voyage where Gulliver reaches an island of humanoid giants. The simple explanation of Gulliver's Travels summary will help you to understand the story without any difficulty. It will also help you to clear your doubts. So, keep reading.

Access Worksheet for English Poem Class 5 Chapter 7 - Gulliver’s Travels

1. Fill in the blanks:

  1. Gulliver the sailor was caught in the land of ________.

  2. The captain sent ________ men with vessels of water.

  3. The creature Gulliver spotted shouted louder than a ________.

  4. The farmer's wife crumbled some ______ and placed it in front of Gulliver.

  5. The mother put Gulliver in a bed and covered him with a ___________.

2. State whether the following statements are true or false:

  1. Gulliver was a gardener.

  2. The seawater reached the Giant's knees.

  3. The farmers spoke in English.

  4. The farmer's son tried to eat Gulliver.

  5. The Giant's family has a cat.

3. What was the date on which Gulliver discovered the land?

4. What did the farmer grow in the fields?

5. What did the farmers carry?

6. How did the sailors react to seeing the monster?

7. Which of the following describes the farmer?


Their Image

(a) Human


(b) Giant


(c) Dwarf


(d) Monkey


8. How tall was the farmer?

  1. 6 feet

  2. 10 feet

  3. 30 feet

  4. 60 feet

9. How did the son react when he saw Gulliver?

  1. He tried to eat Gulliver

  2. He played with Gulliver

  3. He was happy to see Gulliver

  4. He jumped at Gulliver

10. On what ship did Gulliver come to the island on?

(a) Submarine


(b) Raft


(c) Boat


(d) Ship


11. What is it called when a person writes a story of his own life?

  1. Biography

  2. Autobiography

  3. Novel

  4. Fiction 

12. Match the following:


10 times bigger than an ox


Made dinner




A sailor 



13. Who was the farmer to the one-year-old boy?

14. What was Gulliver served at the dinner table?

15. What blew away when a farmer blew air on Gulliver's face?

16. Describe Gulliver's situation when he reached the land.

17. What did Gulliver do when the giant called out his friends and sat around him?

18. What happened when the child tried to eat Gulliver?

19. Write the opposite of crumbled.

20. Write the meaning of bellowing.

Answers to the Worksheet

1. Fill in the blanks

  1. Giant

  2. Dozen

  3. Trumpet

  4. Bread

  5. Handkerchief

2. True or false

  1. False

  2. True

  3. False

  4. True

  5. True

3. The date on which Gulliver discovered the land was 16th June 1730.

4. The farmer grew barley and corn in the fields.

5. The farmers carried a reaping hook.

6. The sailors got into the boat and started rowing towards the ship.

7. (b) Giant

8. (d) 60 feet

9. (c) He was happy to see Gulliver

10. (c) Boat

11. (b) Autobiography


  1. Gulliver - A sailor

  2. Giant - Farmer

  3. Son - One-year old

  4. Cat - 10 times bigger than an ox

  5. Wife - Made dinner

13. Father

14. Bread

15. Hat

16. When Gulliver and his crew came to land they saw no river or spring nor any inhabitants. He went on to explore. The country was barren and rocky.

17. Gulliver walked slowly backwards and forward, pulled off his hat and made a low bow towards the farmers. He tried to speak to them loudly in several languages. Each time he did so the farmer who picked up held his ear very close to Gulliver but in vain.

18. On seeing Gulliver the child grabbed him from the table and put Gulliver's head into his 

mouth. The baby dropped Gulliver because he shouted. The mother saved Gulliver by holding an apron.

19. Crumbled - Rose 

20. Bellowing - very loud noise

Summary of Gulliver’s Travels Class 5

Gulliver reaches an island of humanoid giants along with his companions and they are chased by a huge giant. Although Gulliver’s companions managed to escape the island, Gulliver was stuck on the islands with those huge giants. 

Gulliver tried to climb the steep hill with a huge cornfield. In the field, Gulliver met another humanoid giant who was a farmer. There were 7 other giants in that field too. Gulliver at first thought that they were all monsters and shouted out loud in fear.

But surprisingly, those gigantic creatures were very kind to Gulliver. They took him and placed him in the field and all the giant creatures started examining Gulliver. Gulliver tried to communicate with these giant humanoid creatures but failed to do that. 

The farmer even took Gulliver to his home thinking that the little creature Gulliver would entertain his daughter. The giant creatures were very kind to him and they fed him with bread. 

The farmer had a one-eyed baby son who was also amazed by the little creature Gulliver and attempted to put Gulliver in his mouth. This scares Gullivers and he shouted so loudly that the baby dropped him. Just then the lady giant grabs Gulliver and saves him. The giants also make a bed for Gulliver with their handkerchiefs which shows the care and kindness of the giants. 

The Gulliver’s Travels Class 5 story takes us on a voyage that took Gulliver to a strange island with gigantic humanoid creatures. The story teaches us that sometimes we guess people’s personalities by their appearances but that might be wrong.

Benefits of Learning Gulliver’s Travels Class 5 Worksheet

The Gulliver’s Travels Class 5 story is a beautiful story of the adventurous journey of Gulliver. The story is very interesting for Class 5 students and it helps to create a fantasy world in children’s minds with great teaching that we should never judge anyone by his appearance. 

The Gulliver’s Travels Class 5 worksheet is a very important part of learning the full story as it contains a wide range of exercises in the form of filling in the blanks, choosing the correct answers, making sentences, and so on. 

What does Gulliver’s Travels Class 5 Pdf Consists of?

  • The Vedantu’s PDF has a brief summary of Gulliver’s Travels Class 5 with all the important questions and answers following the latest CBSE syllabus for Class 5

  • The PDF is available both in offline and online form. You can also make a hard copy for your kids. 

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FAQs on CBSE Class 5 English Worksheet Chapter 7 Gulliver’s Travels - PDF

1. Who was the author of Gulliver’s Travels?

The author of Gulliver’s Travel was Jonathan Swift.

2. Why did Gulliver and his companions go to the land?

Gulliver and his companions went to the land to fetch water from the island.

3. Why did Gulliver and his companions run back to their ship?

Gulliver and his companions ran back to their ship as they were being chased by a huge giant.