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CBSE Class 3 English Marigold Poem Worksheets

Last updated date: 02nd Mar 2024
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Worksheet for Class 3 English Marigold Poem- Free PDF Download

Poems are the treasure of the English language and it has been beautifying the lives of people since the very beginning of academia. Here you will find the details on CBSE class 3 English marigold poems and the links to download marigold poem books for class 3 with answers are also available here.

English poems for class 3 students are composed to enchant children with the beauty of the English language, and the meanings within the verses. The Worksheet for class 3 English that are provided here includes all significant details of each marigold poem chapter along with poem-related questions. The answers and references provided are of high quality, curated by subject experts.

The CBSE class 3 English Marigold poem worksheets will aid the little ones in learning new words along with their meanings that are written within the poems.

CBSE Class 3 English Marigold Poem Worksheets [ Chapter-wise]

The poem's recitation and reading can be used to mould the students in an artistic direction when they are encouraged to study the poems and derive meanings out of them. Marigold poem workbook class 3 solution PDFs provided here incorporates the significant aspects of each poem along with engaging questions to evoke students' interest in creativity. Check out the list of poems covered in CBSE class 3 English Marigold poem worksheets:

Class 3 English Poems- Summary

English poems’ explanations are prepared in a very simple language so that students can understand easily. You can download the worksheets for class 3 English to gain a clear understanding of the type of questions that can be asked from the poems. Find the brief details on class 3 English Marigold poems provided below:

  1. Good Morning

A young child happily greets the morning sky and sun. The beginning of everyday is a joy filled moment for the child. This poem teaches about the goodness that resides within everything that surrounds us.

  1. Little By Little

An acorn expresses its feelings about how he wishes to spread across and grow into a mighty oak tree someday. The poem revolves around acorn’s hope and desires.

  1. Bird Talk

A beautiful conversation between two birds about how humans differ from birds and then the differences are listed out to hint towards a meaningful message.

  1. Sea Song

A young guy finds a seashell on the beach and wonders about the sounds that the sea shell is producing. He notices the sweet melody in that sound when he holds the seashell close to his ear.

  1. The Balloon Man

A balloon seller observed by a young girl, he sells different colored balloons everyday. While young girls observe the seller, she and her friends wish for balloons to come their way someday.

  1. Puppy and I

This poem shows a boy who is asking people to walk alongside him until a puppy comes walking his way.

  1. Trains 

This poem is all about travelling by train and going to different places, landscapes and gaining experiences.

  1. What’s in the Mailbox?

A young child notices a postman everyday and ponders about the letters he delivers. She wishes to write letters as well so that she receives a reply letter from someone. The curiosity and expectations of the girl are built in the poem.

  1. How Creatures Move?

The poem talks about how different animals move and what a wonderful experience they get while doing so.

  1. Don’t Tell

A young boy who listens to everyone yet nobody resonates with him and rather limits him for doing the things he wishes to do. The people deny his wishes because of his very young age and neglect the child's capacity to t do things that adults can d

Significance of Class 3 English Marigold Poem Worksheets

There are many benefits of studying poems closely and with all your heart. Find out what is significant about  these Marigold Poem books for Class 3 with answers provided.

  • The worksheets are ideal to keep the young minds engaged as the answers are provided in simple to understand language yet are very interesting in nature.

  • Students will stay amused in the rhythm of these poems while reading from these worksheets, all the provided contents are of high quality.

  • The answers provided in these worksheets are designed to teach students about how poets can express their emotions in an artistic way.

  • The worksheets will help students learn about ancient and contemporary poets.

  • Students will improve their vocabulary and answer framing skills by reading the expertly designed worksheets that are provided here.


We have compiled the CBSE class 3 English Marigold Poem worksheets to help students practise well for their exam. The worksheets by Vedantu aims to teach the students about values within the poems along with answering all the questions that are in Marigold poems book. You can learn difficult words, important questions, about the poem and poet with the help of worksheets for class 3 English provided here. Hope you enjoy artistic learning!

FAQs on CBSE Class 3 English Marigold Poem Worksheets

1. Who is the poet of the poem Good Morning of Class 3?

The NCERT class 3 English Chapter 1 Poem, ‘Good Morning’ is written by the poet Fannie R Buchanan

2. Who is the ‘I’ in the poem ‘Puppy and I’ of Class 3?

‘I’ refers to the child in the poem ‘Puppy and I’ of class 3 English. In this poem, the child asks other people to walk alongside him until the puppy comes walking his way.

3. Who are ‘they’ and ‘them’ in the poem ‘Don’t Tell of Class 3?

In the NCERT English Chapter 9 Poem, ‘Don’t Tell’ the ‘they’ and ‘them’ refers to the parents of the child and other grown up people.

4. How can I practise Class 3 English Marigold poems?

Once you have given at least 2 readings to the poems, you can try solving Class 3 English worksheets to get a detailed understanding of the poem. You will be able to understand the questions related to every poem as the worksheet includes  explained answers to every question.

5. Where to get answers of Class 3 English Marigold Poem books?

You can find the answers of Class 3 English Marigold Poem books available at Vedantu. The NCERT solutions and worksheets are available to download for free here, you can find the important related links for NCERT class 3 English below: