What are the 10 Qualities that a NEET Aspirant should have?

by Anusha Lal October 03, 2020

Why NEET is Crucial?

Cracking the NEET test is crucial to applying for the undergraduate MBBS anywhere across India. It is not about just passing the exam and doing a course as the responsibility of a doctor (regardless of any medical branch or discipline) is to save a life. Many parents wish their children to become a successful doctor, however, the chance of their being worthy in this field is scrutinized in the NEET. At least, it is the first milestone NEET aspirants require covering with success, for claiming any achievement in the medical field henceforth. The subjects covered are Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Apart from developing in-depth knowledge in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology (further sub-categorized as Botany and Zoology), other factors are equally significant. Diligence and skill are important, but the candidates need to develop other qualities also to crack this medical entrance exam. 

Let us focus our discussion in this article today on the 10 most salient qualities you need to possess for a positive NEET experience. 

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10 Qualities that a NEET Aspirant should have

It is not an easy task to marginalize the qualities and traits useful for cracking the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to a certain number. 

However, an attempt is made here to help the future NEET aspirants get an idea on what it requires to claim success here, on an overall basis. 

  1. Discipline

You cannot ignore the importance of discipline if you intend to earn the opportunity to study MBBS or BDS courses in India. Discipline is the key to success in any field and any aspect of life. Discipline signifies adhering to the essential tasks outlined in the time table, doing studies attentively and also taking care of one’s health. 

  1. Patience and Perseverance

With lakhs of students appearing for NEET every year, the competition is bound to be fierce. Ask any NEET top-performer and you will know the value of patience and perseverance. There is no upper age limit and no cap on the number of attempts one can make. All you need is patience and perseverance. In the future also, as a doctor, you need to exercise a lot of patience. 

  1. Self Confidence

Without self-confidence, scoring well in your school final examination will also be difficult. Do not get intimidated by the success stories of other people. Believe in yourself, study regularly and give your best performance on the D-day. 

  1. Self Awareness

Being confident without being familiar with your weak points and working upon it will make you overconfident! NEET aspirants need to be smart and well-informed to have that confidence, which smoothens the road to success. Identify the subjects and topics you are weak at and invest more time in overcoming those roadblocks. Enhance your strengths but focus more on your incompetencies.

  1. Hard Working

NEET is the only medical entrance exam that will help you opt for the MBBS course in India. Any half-hearted measure will never get you enough percentile and rank to secure a seat in any private/public medical college. Remember, hard work implemented smartly is important. Study regularly but use tactics that can help you grasp and remember the lessons better. One example- make notes and write down what you learned recently. 

  1. Keep It Cool and Avoid Stress

Candidates overthinking and taking too much stress, unfortunately, perform poorly in exams. It is normal to feel stressed but learn to relax. A hard-working and disciplined student with a cheerful disposition and a happy-go-lucky attitude has a better chance to give their best in critical exams. Take a break, stay entertained and relax. 

  1. Efficient

This quality suggests that the candidate should have efficiency in selecting the right books and online materials for NEET preparation. It is necessary to choose to study resources judiciously for staying updated according to the latest curriculum.

  1. Time Management

Aspiring NEET examinees need to cultivate and enhance time management skills. Proper focus on Physics, Chemistry and Biology is necessary. Also, relaxation and doing other important tasks are essential for ensuring proper balance.

  1. The Habit to Revise Properly

Without revising multiple times, it is common to forget significant concepts during the exam. Revise the chapters you dislike the most, the maximum number of times possible.

  1. Inquisitive Mind

For a NEET aspirant, it helps to have an inquisitive mind. Try knowing about your topics outside the books you follow. Do not shy away from clearing all your doubts by asking people who have sound knowledge in that topic. NEET is the only medical entrance exam held all over India for getting admission in medical and dental colleges (government or private). It will be a costly mistake for NEET aspirants to ignore any of the quality specified here. 

Develop the qualities to secure your medical seat now. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Can You Give Some Ideas on Topics Covered in NEET Physics and Chemistry?

Ans: An idea about a few topics on NEET 2020, in a nutshell, can be helpful but never ignore any topic included in the NEET Physics and Chemistry syllabus. For Physics, give special emphasis on Modern Physics, Wave optics, Electro Dynamics, Semiconductors, Rigid Body Dynamics, KTG & Thermodynamics. Theory-based questions generally come on Magnetism, Heat & Thermodynamics and Modern Physics. Problem-solving questions will also carry high weightage marks, so focus on the formulas properly. In Chemistry, pay attention specifically to Chemical Bonding, Organic Chemistry, Carbonyl Compounds and Coordination Compounds. Numerical problems are important. Expect questions from organic and inorganic chemistry both.

Q2. As a NEET Aspirant, Which Biology Chapters should I Focus on Primarily?

Ans: Under this section, you have to cultivate sound knowledge in both the Botany and Zoology departments (whatever was covered in your 10+2 syllabus). In Botany, classifications and pollination chapters will be important. Expect questions from Photosynthesis and Plant Anatomy. For Zoology, it is recommended that you should focus mainly on the Reproductive system, Excretory system and the Nervous System. Previous question papers show that these topics always enjoy priority while picking questions from. The Endocrine System is also important. Do not ignore topics like Polygenic Inheritance or DNA Replication and topics like Mendelian Disorders. Study all but stress on these.