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Know How Dropper Batch Can Start Preparing for IIT JEE

By Bharath KJuly 27, 2022
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IIT JEE Preparation Tips for Droppers

IIT JEE is one of India's most difficult entrance exams. Every year, thousands of aspirants take the JEE exam and only a few are able to crack it. This entrance exam opens doors for the most prestigious engineering institutes, but it is not easy. That's the reason why many students choose to take a year off to prepare. Moreover, a number of students choose to retake the JEE exam because they failed to properly attempt it the first time.

It should be noted that JEE droppers are only allowed two attempts, so hardwork is the only choice. Those who would like to crack JEE with the desired rank must put in extra effort as well as develop a more strategic plan of action if they want to make the most of their second chance. So, we will provide important tips in this blog for all aspirants who are taking a break to prepare for the IIT JEE.

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Find the Best Strategies on How a Dropper Batch Can Start Preparing for IIT JEE Exams

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How Dropper Batch Can Start Preparing for IIT JEE - Do’s & Don’ts

JEE droppers have plenty of time to study. They must take extra care while choosing study material. JEE droppers should revise their study strategy.  They should start with the basics once again by  first learning the NCERT books. They can then proceed to other IIT JEE books. Revision is also essential for passing exams like the IIT JEE. Read Do’s and Don’ts from below while preparing for IIT JEE for the next attempt.

Do’s of JEE Preparation for Droppers

Mentioned below are the do’s in IIT JEE preparation tips for droppers.

Start with a Positive Mindset

Thinking about your failed attempt will not help you. Just think positively and begin your JEE preparation. Remember that your mind operates on the basis of what you feed it. If you continue to think negatively, you will only get negative results.

Learn about New Exam Pattern

Consider yourself very lucky because you will now be able to attempt JEE multiple times in the same year. So, be thorough with your new exam pattern, syllabus and everything.

Create an Effective Timetable

When your syllabus is extensive, you should consider some time-saving strategies such as limiting your socialising, travelling, and, most importantly commuting to your coaching classes on a daily basis. You can simply choose online JEE coaching for droppers from Vedantu and attend classes from the comfort of your own home. Prepare a daily schedule and stick to it no matter what.

Revise Regularly 

Go ahead and revise even the smallest of questions so you don't forget what you just practised. Revising your course material on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is one of the most important things you could do for yourself. It is true that practice leads to perfection.

Prepare a Strategy That Works for You

When preparing for a competitive examination such as JEE, top-notch strategy and planning will be extremely beneficial. Since your syllabus is extensive, you must plan your time and work according to the basics of subjects. You can't just pick any subject and begin working on it at any time. That will waste a lot of your time. Besides, because you have already taken the exam, you know the types of questions covered in the exam. You must have also gained some insight into your weak and strong areas as a result of this. So, develop a study plan that relies on both your weak and strong areas.

Get the Right Study Material

Preparing and passing the JEE exams requires a lot of knowledge, but that doesn't mean you should buy every JEE book on the market. Ensure you only buy what you need for your studies. Include multiple test series, mock tests, daily practise papers, and even previous year papers for revision. This not only helps you with revision but also boosts your confidence. This is IIT toppers advice to crack IIT JEE.

Take Care of Your Health

If you have good health, you will be able to focus better on JEE preparation. A healthy mind can be attained if you do not push limits and keep a work schedule. Overburdening yourself and putting pressure on your mind will only lead to health problems. So, the only way to improve your health and mind is to work within your own limitations.

Don’ts for JEE Preparation Droppers 

Mentioned below are the don’ts in IIT JEE preparation tips for droppers:

  • Don't overwork while studying for the JEE. Just keep your cool and stick to your plan.

  • When you become exhausted with the JEE syllabus, you may lose interest and become unmotivated to study.

  • Don't give up on your hobbies because focusing solely on studies during preparation can lead to stress.

  • Don't study for long periods of time because it causes restlessness.

  • Spend more time relaxing. Use your time wisely to complete your JEE preparation.

Now as you know how a dropper batch can start preparing for IIT JEE. So, start preparing with utmost dedication and hard work to see the best outcome.


Every year, approximately 12 lakh students take JEE Main and only 2,00,000 qualify. However, this does not imply that the students who did not pass the exam did not prepare well. There could be several reasons for this, including a lack of time due to regular classes, a lack of proper guidance, and poor coaching. Don't give up if you're one of those aspirants. You have  a second chance, and you should always take it rather than wasting it wondering what went wrong. It’s not sure how many droppers crack IIT, but with hard work and dedication, your story can be inspiring for upcoming aspirants.

FAQs on Know How Dropper Batch Can Start Preparing for IIT JEE

1. Is it necessary for droppers to attend coaching in order to prepare for the IIT JEE?

You may think it is unnecessary, but studying from the right mentoring will greatly help your preparation. It is not only about taking courses and studying, but also about gaining motivation and moral support throughout your preparation. 

2. What is the percentage of droppers in IIT?

No official data exists to answer how many droppers crack IIT. However, you should remember that approximately 30-40% of successful aspirants in IITs are dropouts. 

3. How long should a dropper study per day?

Due to the intense competition, students must work until the early hours to pass the JEE exam. However, this does not imply that you should sit with the books for 10-14 hours straight. Your mind also requires rest, which many students ignore when studying for entrance exams such as JEE. Take 10-15 minute breaks every 45-60 minutes. It will make you feel more at ease and less tired.

4. Is it correct to take a break to prepare for the IIT JEE?

Dropping out for JEE is a big decision. One of the benefits of being a JEE dropper is that you may not have to bother about school, tests, and exams. You can completely focus on JEE.

5. Can a dropper get a good JEE rank?

Anyone can get good marks or a brilliant rank in JEE. It all depends on how much hard work and commitment you put into your drop year for JEE preparation.

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