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JEE Preparation Guide for Droppers and Repeaters

By FathimaJune 22, 2023
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How Should a Dropper Prepare for IIT JEE?

Whether it is an IIT dropper, repeater, or someone who is attempting the exam for the first time, everyone dreams of acing the IIT JEE exam. Every candidate preparing for IIT JEE aspires to get admission to the top-rated engineering college. But it's an awful fact that only a few students get selected in the top-rated engineering colleges. However, you should not lose hope as there is always a second chance to showcase your talent.

So, if you are an IIT JEE dropper or repeater, give yourself a second chance to achieve your dream. This blog on “JEE Preparation guide for droppers and repeaters” will help you prepare for the upcoming IIT JEE exam in a better way. We have listed 15 JEE Main preparation tips for droppers and repeaters that show you the right track for preparing for the exam. Additionally, these preparation tips will serve as a go-to guide throughout your IIT JEE journey to get admission to top IIT colleges.

JEE Preparation Guide for Droppers and Repeaters

15 JEE Main Preparation Tips for Droppers 

  • Stay away from negativity and focus completely on your goals.

  • Split your drop year into three different phases. Ensure to complete your entire JEE Main syllabus in the first phase. Take Phase 2 for a complete revision of all the previously learnt topics. Ideally, this phase is best to clear all your doubts and misconceptions. Take Phase 3 to solve as many test series and mock tests as possible for you.

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle.

  • Make a realistic timetable and ensure to follow it strictly.

  • Know the IIT JEE updated syllabus and pattern.

  • Prepare a separate timetable to cover all the complex topics and the topics that carry high weightage.

  • Solve JEE Main mock test, previous year's questions papers, and sample papers as many as possible to better understand where most of the questions are being asked in previous years.

  • Use NCERT to clarify your basic concepts. Refer to the top-rated IIT JEE Main reference books to clear all your doubts and understand the complex topics. 

  • Don’t skip any chapter or topic; questions from any part of the syllabus can be asked during exams.

  • As mentioned repeatedly, revision is the gateway to success. So, don’t skip the revision process; revise the previously learned topics daily.

  • Analyse your weaker areas and work more on them. 

  • Take guidance from experts. Don’t waste your time solving complex problems repeatedly. Try to solve twice or thrice with complete dedication, but still, if you can’t be able to solve on your own, don't hesitate to get help from experts.

  • Don't try to skip any topic for tomorrow that is scheduled to be completed today. Complete new chapters and revise the old topics within a stipulated period as mentioned in your timetable.

  • Take care of your health completely. Eat healthily and stay hydrated. Don't let yourself fall sick as it may restrict you from following your study timetable, which may affect your JEE Main result.

  • Sleep at least 6-7 hours a day during your complete IIT JEE preparation journey, as good sleep relaxes your body and mind and improves your concentration.

Productive Study Habits Every JEE Dropper or Repeater Should Follow to Clear IIT JEE Exam with Good Scores

Remember, one hour of productive learning is more than 5 hours of distracted learning. So, avoid all the activities that distract you from your learning and follow the productive study habits given below to get admission to your desired IIT college.

  • Always try to learn a new chapter from scratch and practice more and more questions based on the chapter you have studied the same day. This productive study habit helps you to make your chapter concepts stronger.

  • Mark all the questions that took more time to solve and the questions you could not solve. This productive study habit will improve your revision strategy as you will know where to begin your revision.

  • Skip long hours of study. Instead, take a short break of 15-20 mins after every 2 hours of your studies. Also, try to complete two new chapters from two different subjects daily. Spend time revising the chapters that you have learnt previously. Also, try to solve 50-60 numerical and objective-type questions daily. This productive study habit will not make you bored. Instead, it will help you cover new and old topics on the same day.

  • Give one day for complete revision and to cover all your backlog topics.

  • Increase the frequency of attempting mock test series and solving MCQs, previous year question papers, and sample papers.

  • Take a healthy diet to stay productively. A healthy mind and body will improve your concentration and keep you motivated throughout your IIT JEE preparation journey.

We hope the given preparation tips and the list of productive study habits will help you to get a good rank in the upcoming IIT JEE exam. You can visit our website for study materials and latest news related to IIT JEE. We wish you good luck in your IIT JEE preparation journey.

FAQs on JEE Preparation Guide for Droppers and Repeaters

1. List some don’ts for IIT JEE droppers.

If you are a IIT JEE dropper, take note of the following:

  • Limit yourself with only top rated IIT JEE books. Referring to too many unnecessary books takes more of your time and also confuses you.

  • Avoid using electronic gadgets and social media during your study hours as it may distract your mind.

  • Don’t consider any topic or chapter covered in the JEE syllabus unimportant.

  • Don’t study for long hours continuously as this makes you feel irritated. Instead take a short break of 15-20 mins after every two hours.

  • Don’t give up any sports activities you love to do as this may make you feel frustrated.

2. How many droppers crack IIT JEE Main exam?

There is no fixed ratio for this as competition increases every year. Generally, 50-60% of candidates who crack IIT JEE exams are droppers. But this may vary as the number of candidates who attempt the exam and the level of competition change every year.

3. Can a JEE dropper come under the list of top rankers?

Yes, droppers can come under the list of top rankers, provided they study with complete dedication and achieve their daily tasks as planned. With confidence, dedication and hard work, nothing is impossible.

4. What is the eligibility criteria for droppers and repeaters for JEE Mains 2023 exam?

JEE droppers or repeaters who have passed Class 12th/equivalent examination from any recognised central or state board in 2021 or 2022 are eligible for JEE Mains 2023 exam.

JEE droppers or repeaters who have passed Class 12th/equivalent examination from any recognised central or state board before the year 2021 are not eligible for JEE Main 2023 exam. 

5. Is it worth taking a drop of 1 year for JEE Main exams?

Yes, taking a drop of 1 year is good to prepare productively for JEE Main exams. This will also keep you away from the board exams, school projects, practicals, etc. Hence, taking a drop can be helpful. Additionally, you will get sufficient time to prepare better for the exam.

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