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Prachi Sharma
M. Sc Microbiology, B.Ed. Jiwaji University, Gwalior
Ravi Prakash
M.Tech. IITD
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I am happy and had fun learning and practising maths with her. I don’t have the exam fear anymore! Looking forward to more learning in the next academic year
The concepts were so hard for me, but she made it so much easy. Thank you for the thrilling class!
Thank you for introducing her to us! Her classes have been great help for my son. I can see his phobia for maths being replaced by the interest and curiosity for the subject! Thanks a ton!
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Al Olaya As Sulimaniyah Al Muhammadiyah Al-Dubbat Al Olayya

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As the up and coming commercial centre of the world, Riyadh attracts people from all over the world, who choose to settle here with their families. Given the increasing demand for education assistance for students, the necessity of home tutors has increased to help the students keep up with the course load as well as prepare for the future. But conveyance and availability of teachers are a big concern. Another concern is finding the correct tutors. But thanks to the ever-growing scope of the internet and online education, students can find and enjoy the benefits of a home tutor that is perfectly suited to their needs from the comfort of their homes. Vedantu has become the platform of choice among many for their home tutoring needs.

  • Every student is matched with a tutor who is a perfect fit according to the student's specific needs after careful evaluation.
  • Availability is a rare issue.
  • No time is wasted during the commute, and the session is not disturbed by tardiness or any other inconvenience.
  • Each student gets the undivided attention of the tutor that is better than what they would receive from a home tutor.
  • No student is lost in a crowd of a big batch of students.
  • The fees are more affordable than coaching centres or most other home tutors that are available.
  • Parent-teacher meetings happen at regular intervals for updates on the student's progress.
  • Students can go through the recorded sessions for revision or if they need to clear a doubt.

Personalized, Live Online CBSE & ICSE Home tuitions in Riyadh by Expert Teachers

Home tuition is a comfortable space for a student to clear any doubts and gather more information without any hesitation. In a group session, a student may sometime pass up a question because of embarrassment or shyness in front of peers. This will not happen when the tutor's undivided attention is on the student with the sole purpose of helping them understand whatever they are struggling with.

Moving to a new city is always stressful. It is not easy to find the perfect tutor for your child within the limited time span. Nor is it possible for the working parents to give the complete amount of time and attention to the child as is necessary. A change in curriculum is also a thing to worry about when it comes to education. As a parent, there is a constant worry about getting that extra help for your child after the regular school hours to help keep up with the immensely competitive world that is out there. Vedantu helps in alleviating some of that worry by finding you the tutors at an affordable tuition fee for your child.

Education in Saudi Arabia has made leaps and bounds of progress, now offering a myriad of options in public schools and private institutions. While most of the focus is still on Islamic education, there are plenty of options for International schools, with British and American curriculum and others with a CBSE curriculum. Universities are set up for education past graduate levels. Also, the culture of home-schooling being a common practice in Riyadh, a professional who can keep an eye on the progress and take care of keeping the curriculum updated to the state standards is a necessity, be it for the entire syllabus or a specific subject that they need to master.

Why Vedantu?

A lot of students suffer academically due to the shortage and inaccessibility of quality teachers. With over 2,300,000 hours of live learning and more than 47,000 student enrollments, Vedantu provides excellent home tuitions for students through the mode of live teacher-student interactions, which is proven to be a better teaching mode than recorded sessions. The experienced counsellors can also customise a study plan, based on the individual requirements of the student. With a teaching faculty that includes IIT, IIM, PhD and M-tech graduates with extensive working and teaching experience, parents are assured that their children get 100% personalised online home tuition from the best in industry. All thanks to the personalised form of teaching based on their learning ability, students have been able to improve their grades in subjects that they were poor otherwise, besides enhancing their subject knowledge.