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TNHSC Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 24th Apr 2024
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Class 12 Physics TNHSC Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

Vedantu is a leading online education provider in India that provides content for CBSE, ICSE, ISC, and other state board exam preparation. Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Certificate Examinations or TNHSC board is a state board. At Vedantu, we provide relevant study materials prepared with complete details and after cross-checking with the syllabus regarding the respective board.

We are covering multiple subjects in the TNHSC board such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Here, in this article, students will learn about the criteria that we follow to provide the best TNHSC board Class 12 physics question paper 2020. Tamil Nadu board 12th exam practice question paper for the 2020 academic year is available on Vedantu. We publish the total syllabus of physics followed by the state board of Tamil Nadu.

Textbook Oriented Program for Students

Some of the beliefs that Vedantu follows while preparing study materials are:

  • We believe in excellence. Here at Vedantu, we have hired the experienced faculties with efficient working skills. They are our backbones to make things possible for students as well as for us.

  • We assure you that the education that we are providing not only builds the best concept among students but are also helpful in their future studies. The strongest foundation in concepts like the subject Physics can endure them for higher studies.

  • We believe in textbook oriented teaching. The technology will never take its place. However, you can’t always carry the textbooks to every place. By accessing our website via phone, tablets, laptops or PCs, you can access the PDF files that we are providing in our website, completely based upon the syllabus of the respective boards.

These PDF files are organized in a systematic order so that students can find their desired contents with ease. We are always aware of the concepts of Physics. The specific chapter is discussed along with the TNHSC 12th model paper 2020.

Salient Features of TNHSC Syllabus

The Higher Secondary Board of Tamil Nadu has its way of providing education to students.

  • There are numerous options available in this state board so that students can choose their respective branch for their future studies. At Vedantu, we also follow the guidelines prepared by the state board so that it will be much easier for the students who are in TNHSC.

  • Students can avail the best coaching and guidance in their respective subjects.

Why Choose Vedantu for TNHSC Class 12 Physics?

Some benefits should be chosen by the students in the Vedantu program, these are:

  • The time-efficient learning: We are giving the best education with the proper concepts so that the students who are learning from us can avail the best knowledge in the best and efficient way.

  • Competitive question patterns: Understanding the question pattern is helpful in both the board exams as well as in competitive exams. We are creating a fear-free nature towards any examination among the students via our sample papers.

  • Assurance about the students’ success: We assure our students that they can achieve the best with the help of top-quality resources. (Table will be updated soon)



Current Electricity

Electric power, Combination of resistors, Electric resistivity, Ohm’s law, Drift current, Electric Current, and more.

Effects of Electric Current

Bar magnet as an equivalent solenoid, Magnetic dipole moment of a revolving electron, magnetic effect of electric current, Joule’s law, Healing effect, and more.

Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current

Self-induction, methods of inducing emf, Eddy current, Alternating current, Electromagnetic induction, and AC generator.

Electromagnetic Waves & Wave Optics

Wavefront and Huygens principle, Theories of light, Emission and Absorption, Transverse nature of electromagnetic waves, Electromagnetic waves and their characteristics, etc.

Atomic Physics

Diffraction of x-rays, absorption, detection, x-rays production properties, Sommerfield’s atom model, Bohr’s model, Atomic structure, and more.

Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter

The electron microscope, matter waves, photocells and their application, The photoelectric effect.

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear fission, Radioactivity, Neutron discovery, Nature and Nuclear forces, Nuclear mass defect, Nuclear properties.


Doppler effect of light, Special theory of relativity, Newtonian reference, Frame of reference, Time and mass, Concept of space.

Semiconductor devices & their applications

Measuring instruments, Junction-transistors, Diode as a rectifier, Formation of P-N Junction, Semiconductor doping, Semiconductor theory, and more.

Communication Systems

Video signal analysis, TV transmission and reception, Antenna and Transmission lines, Amplitude modulation, Modes of propagation ground wave, and more.

How to Download TNHSC 12th Physics Question Paper 2020?

We request students to visit our website so that they can avail all their requirements and select the respective subject to learn about it.

Class 12 Physics Paper Examples

Some example questions are given below:

1. For a capacitor, the charging current is 0.4 A. Find the displacement current.

(a) Zero

(b) 0.6 A

(c) 0.8 A

(d) 0.4 A

Ans: We know the concept that the magnitude of displacement current and the charging current is equal.

So, Answer for the question is 0.4 Amperes (d)

2. As per the Bohr’s Atomic Model, when the principal quantum number (n) upsurges, then the velocity of electron _____.

Ans: Declines.

FAQs on TNHSC Class 12 Physics Question Paper 2020

Q1. What are the Numerous Examples of Current Electricity?

Ans: These are examples of current electricity:

  • Starting a car.

  • Turning on a light.

  • Cooking on an electric stove.

  • Watching tv.

  • Shaving with an electric razor.

  • Playing video games.

  • Using a phone.

  • Charging a cell phone, etc.

Q2. What is the Application of Nuclear Physics?

Ans: The presence of Nuclear Physics is everywhere in our day-to-day lives. It can be mentioned as:

  • Detecting smoke in our homes.

  • Testing for and treating cancer.

  • Monitoring cargo for contraband.

The above examples are the various methods that utilize nuclear physics. These techniques have made an impact on our safety, health and security.

Q3. What do you Mean by a Communication System?

Ans: The proper definition for a communication system can be illustrated as it is a gathering of distinct broadcasting networks, relay stations, tributary stations, transmission systems and terminal equipment. These procedures are capable of interconnecting and interoperating for producing a communication system.

Q4. Can you Explain Why the Light is an Electromagnetic Wave?

Ans: Many scientists have named light as electromagnetic radiation. These energy waves are recognized as electromagnetic (EM) in nature due to their oscillation. The oscillation generates the electric and magnetic fields. In light, the photon is available. As we know that the photons are packets of energy; that is why light is an electromagnetic wave.