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TSBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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Class 12 Economics TSBSE Question Paper 2019 - Free PDF Download

In the academic year of 2019, the Economics paper was conducted for Class 12 under TSBSE guidelines. There were some guidelines implemented in the TSBSE Class 12 Economics question paper. Those guidelines (general instructions) are written below.

  • Students were strictly mentioned in paper to solve all the questions from both sections.

  • Each questions’ marks were indicated in the square bracket at the end.

  • Some questions are required to be answered very shortly. Qn. No. 1 – 4, 13 – 16 carrying 1 mark each. Answers should be in a single line.

  • Some questions are required to be answered shortly. Qn. No. 5- 6, 17 – 18 carrying 3 marks each. Answers should not be above 60 words.

  • Some questions needed a bit more explanation to answer it. Qn. No. 7 – 9, 19 – 21 carrying 4 marks each. Answers should not be above 70 words.

  • Some questions needed less explanation to answer it. Qn. No. 10 – 12, 22 – 24 carrying 6 marks each. The answer should not be above 1000 words.

  • Students were instructed to give the explanation in a detailed manner in their answer sheet and follow the word limits as far as possible.

How to Download TSBSE 12th Economics Question Paper 2019?

We request our students to log in to our website so that they can avail of their requirements and select the respective subject to learn about it. 

Why Choose TSBSE Economics PYQP?

PYQP (previous year’s question papers) is very helpful to the students. 

They can practice the PYQP by logging in to our website. Some important facts that I find effective in the Vedantu learning program are:

  • Students can practice numerical problems from the pdf notes on our websites. These questions are solved precisely by explaining each question. 

  • Continuous practice of PYQP can help the students to score good marks in the TSBSE Class 12 Economics exams.

TSBSE Economics Question Paper 2019 Solved For Class 12

Q1. What Are the Different Types of Unemployment? (Describe Only Four Causes.)


Structural Unemployment

This kind of unemployment can be seen when certain industries decline due to their long-term changes in market conditions.

For illustrations: The development of new industries and declination of old industries and firms. This type of unemployment is seen in the IT world, computing, insurance, and internet-based organizations.

Also, Globalization plays an important role in the increase in structural unemployment in many countries.

Regional Unemployment

This is named as regional unemployment due to the rise of unemployment in the local areas caused by structural unemployment.

For illustration, the care workers suffering from structural unemployment created a rise in the amount of unemployment in their locality. Also, the extreme condition for this type of unemployment is geographical immobility.

Classical Unemployment

When wages become too pricey, this kind of unemployment is seen. This is otherwise as real wage unemployment. In the middle of 1930, this kind of unemployment was seen in most of the regions due to the lower wage.

Seasonal Unemployment

This kind of unemployment happens in many countries. This occurs because some companies only manufacture or distribute their commodities at limited times the year.

There are some fields where we have seen seasonal unemployment, such as farming, tourism, and construction.

Q2. Mention Some Important Cause About the Rural Indebtedness.


These are some important cause of the rural indebtedness:

  • Poverty

  • Social and religious needs

  • Litigation

  • Backwardness of agriculture

  • Ancestral or inherited debt

  • Defective money lending system

  • Economic consequences

  • Excessive burden of land revenue and rent

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Salient Features of TSBSE Syllabus

TSBSE syllabus for Economics has its own aspect of giving education to the students. 

  • There are numerous options available in this state board so that the pupils can choose their respective branch for their future studies.

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FAQs on TSBSE Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2019

1. How Should You Prepare for TSBSE Economics?

There are some useful tips given regarding your preparation for TSBSE Economics

  • Study topic wise.

  • Try to identify specific problems and understand its concepts.

  • Memorize, and continuous practice can make you comfortable in Economics

  • Get the Vedantu learning program for TSBSE Economics to learn more with the best concepts.

2. Describe the Two Vital Features of a Centrally Planned Economy.

Two feature of a centrally planned economy are:

  1. In a centrally planned economy, economic problems related decisions are taken by some central authority appointed by the country’s government.

  2. The vital (prime) consideration behind the allocation of resources to the manufacture of various products and services comes under social welfare.

3. What is the Vitality of the Vedantu Learning Program in the TSBSE Class 12 Economics?

A faultless study program has been developed by the Vedantu that I find much helpful has some important aspects such as: 

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4. How Do Students Do Well in Their Exams With the Vedantu App?

Some aspects that are beneficial for the students who have downloaded the Vedantu app are:

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