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Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the country. Derived from Latin where the words “agri” or “ager” mean soil and culture means cultivation, this sector has been responsible for feeding almost ⅔ of the Indian population. Agriculture can be called a pretty primary activity which can include the growing of vegetables, fruits, crops, flowers and also rearing livestock. Students can learn more about the chapter from Agriculture Class 8 notes.

It is known to us that about 50% of the people have agriculture as their main activity. With the help of the summary that we have provided here, students can learn more about it easily and score good marks.

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What is Agriculture?

Agriculture can be defined as one of the activities which result in the transformation of a plant to a finished product. There are three different types of activities which are involved in the process of transformation. These are the primary activity, secondary activity and the tertiary activity. You can get more details from Class 8 Geography Chapter 4 notes. Agriculture falls under the primary activity section. In order to have successful results with agriculture, there are two main necessities are favourable climate and proper topography.

Farming or agriculture can also be viewed as a proper system. There are some main inputs that come to action such as fertilizers, seeds, machinery and much more. Also, there are some labouring operations which come to effect during agriculture and these are ploughing, irrigation, harvesting, weeding, and sowing. So, this is how students can define agriculture Class 8.

Understanding About The Different Types of Farming

There are mainly two types of farming, Subsistence farming and commercial farming. Students will get to know about these from the agriculture Class 8 notes Science. (Table will be updated soon)

Major Crops

There were some major crops which were grown. Such details can be found in the Agriculture Class 8 notes. There are some major food crops such as rice, millets, maize, and wheat. Also, there are some fibre crops such as cotton and jute. Not to forget the important crops for beverages such as coffee and tea. Rice is considered to be the staple diet for most of the people in the country and hence is produced the most due to agriculture. All the other major crops are also produced for feeding and commercial purposes. Students will be able to know much more about it in the Class 8 geography Chapter 4 notes.

Agricultural Development

There were some very important efforts made in order to have an increase in farm production. The main reason behind it was to ensure that the increase in demand for the crops could be met. Due to the elevation in population, there was a huge demand for food items and hence the need for agricultural development was increased. Not just that but there were some efforts made in order to improve the irrigation facilities. People would use more fertilizers and some other high-yielding seeds to have proper development in the sector of farming. With the help of this Chapter 4 notes, students will very easily be able to define agriculture Class 8 and score good marks in the examinations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Exactly is Agriculture?

Answer: Agriculture is a primary activity which includes the process of cultivating crops, fruits, flowers, vegetables, and rearing the livestock.

2. What are the Different Factors Influencing Agriculture?

Answer: Climate and soil topography are the main factors influencing agriculture.

3. Define Plantation Agriculture.

Answer: A specific type of farming for commercial purposes where people would grow only a single type of crop such as coffee, tea, cashew, rubber etc is known as plantation agriculture.

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