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Write a letter to the Principal of your school to plead pardon as a window pane has been broken by you (100 words).

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Hint:The format of a formal letter to the principal is as follows:
• Begin with the sender’s address, followed by the date and the school address.
• Next, write down the subject and salutation.
• Proceed with the body of your letter in 3 paragraphs.
• End with a formal closing and signature.

Complete answer:
Let’s write a letter based on the above format-

H-10, Kranti Apartments
Dwarka, Sector 22
New Delhi, 110075

16th July 2020

The Principal,
Delhi Public School
Dwarka, sector 11
New Delhi, 110075

Subject-Apology for breaking the windowpane of the auditorium

Respected Sir,
I, Naveen Sharma of class 8-C apologize for breaking the windowpane of the auditorium. I can assure you it was not done intentionally, as all the members of the Robotics Club were practicing with their newly designed robots and instruments. By mistake, one of my robots hit the window which caused the glass window to shatter.
Our teacher made sure nobody was injured or hurt by the incident, the glass was cleaned right away and everyone was taken to their classes. Sir, I am willing to pay the fine for the damage caused by me.
Requesting your humble apology for my mistake.
Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Naveen Sharma
(Student of 8-C)

The subject of your letter should not exceed more than one line. Also, keep in mind that formal letters are written to official and authoritative figures. Hence, use appropriate formal language and salutations.
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