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The infection of Enterobius is caused to man by:
(a) Flying
(b) Piercing
(c) Inoculation
(d) Contamination

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Hint: Enterobius sp. is commonly called pinworm which infects the
human intestine. It is the causative agent of enterobiasis.

Complete answer:Pinworm or Enterobius sp. causes the pinworm infection.
It is also called enterobiasis. It is a parasitic disease.

Pinworms are small roundworms, whitish in colour.
These are intestinal nematodes.
Pinworms are so named because of their unique tapering shape with a pointed tail.
Accidental swallowing of their eggs can cause this infection.
It occurs due to consumption of contaminated food or water or even air.

The eggs can survive, grow and even reproduce in the environment of the intestine.
After 4-7 weeks of ingestion or swallowing, new eggs are produced by the worms in the anal
region and can cause itching.
It is common in children and quite contagious also.
The symptoms are itching around the anal region; difficulty in sleeping, minor diarrhoea etc.
To prevent this, proper hygiene should be maintained,
for example: washing hands with soap before eating, washing garments regularly, wearing fresh and clean clothes, maintaining sanitary hygiene etc.

So, the correct option is ‘Contamination’.

Note:It is common in human beings because we are the only natural host for these parasites.
Though the disease or infection is common in children, it can also occur in adults. Some infected individuals, mostly adults may not get any distinct symptom.
The characteristic pin-like tail is present in the female worms only.

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